Frustrated with my GP

Hi Everyone

New to this site and need some advice. I went to my GP in November with a bloated stomach (I look 8 months pregnant) and various pains all over. I now have lower back pain and feel the need to wee constantly, which hurts when I do. My weight has also gone up from 9st to 10st 10lb and I am eating less due to not being able to finish a meal. My GP sent me for various blood tests (including CA125 which was 31). I have been told by various people (including a nurse) that I have symptoms of an ovarian cyst. I asked my GP if he could send me for a CT scan to see what is going on and he said he couldn't do that as he wasn't authorised. He has now referred me to a gastroenterologist. Surely he should have referred me to a gynaeocologist? I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and having to carry the extra weight around is putting a strain on my joints, especially my knees.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You are all lovely ladies and are an inspiration.

Larraine xx

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  • Hi Larraine Sorry you are experiencing problems. Your CA125 is still within 'normal' range, however, I would go back to your GP and either ask for a second opinion or a gynae appt and ask him why he has referred you to a gastro appt? If you dont feel hes listening stand your ground. I hope he listens. Do let us know how you get on. Best ishes. Kathy xx

  • Yes, as Kathy has said please go back, and take someone with you if you feel that would help your confidence and ask for a referral for a Gynae appointment , or a Gynae ultrasound - Preferably a CT scan (edited to allow for Tesla's most informed reply)

    It is well within his power to authorise this. It takes courage to sit there and not move from the Doctors room but this is your health and peace of mind and it is important.

    Breathe in, sit there, talk and ask, question, breath, sit.

    When he agrees then watch him do it then and there.

    It's too important to leave.

    Hoping everything is ok, however you need the peace of mind that it is being investigated in the right way.

    Take care


    Clare xx

  • Clare/Lara1953, FYI, I had a transvaginal ultrasound and it showed NOTHING. I was later diagnosed 3C OC. For me, the CAT scan is what showed the OC. So, what works for one person may not work for another. I just want Lara to know that there are many ways to look for this disease and they do not work for everyone.

    Clare, you are an inspiration and very intelligent person. I value your input. Thank you for all you share here. It is making a positive difference in my life. Tesla

  • Hi Lorraine, kathys response is spot on. If your gp can refer you to gastro enterology then he can clearly refer you onto gynaecology. You need to return to your gp (is it a practice? Can you see a different doctor). And you need to insist firmly and calmly to be referred. The lovely and very much missed Gill Harler created a quick fact sheet of what to spot symptoms wise. Her web site and charity are www.gillharlerfund. Org

    Please take a look, print out and take it with you. An ultrasound would be a good start. This would spot any cysts. Please bear in mind that ovarian cancer is rare but when there are ongoing symptoms it must be considered.

    Good luck, T. X

  • Hi Larraine

    Can only reinforce what the other ladies have said. You must go back , ask to see another doctor if there is one , take some info with you and insist on a urgent Gynea referral . Make sure they realise how much discomfort you are in .

    Whatever this is you need it to be investigated to hopefully discount OC and make you comfortable .

    Sending you lots of love and a big hug and lots of girl power . Kim x

  • Hi Larraine, I trusted my GPS going there for many years with oc symptoms by the time it was found I was given 6 months don't want to worry you but GPS can be very good but sometimes they are uselss!!! Could you possibly see another GP that might be more helpful. Take care Cindyxx

  • 85live, I agree with you completely. My GP was USELESS! She didn't even run a CA125. I fired her after I was diagnosed 3C OC in the ER. (I live in US) Tesla

  • Hi Larraine ..

    The NICE Primary Care guidelines for referral are here:

    They're very easy to understand.

    You are clearly worried. I wonder whether you have been physically examined?

    Hugs. Xx

  • Hi Tina B1

    Thank you for your reply

    My GP sent me for an ultrasound of liver, pancreas, kidneys, which came back clear. The ultrasound was all on the top half not the bottom half so not sure if this would show up the ovaries or anything else down there.

    Hugs back xx

  • Hi again .. you seem to meet the criteria for a gynaecologist referral. Xx

  • Thank you all for your advice and for taking the time to reply to me. You are all going through a lot and I really do appreciate you listening to me. My appointment with the gastroenterologist is tomorrow and I am going to ask him to refer me to a gynae consultant, or a ct scan or anything really that will tell me what's wrong with me.

    Thank you all once again

    Big hugs to you all xxx

  • Lara, PLEASE INSIST ON A CAT SCAN of your entire abdominal area! DO NOT WORRY ABOUT BEING POLITE! Your symptoms are far too consequential for you to be passed from doc to doc. (I live in US) I got passed around from one doc to another and by the time I got a proper diagnosis I was very, very ill. So, make noise, get a scan, do NOT take NO for an answer. If you want more detail please read my bio. You are your own greatest advocate. Go forth and make a big fuss to get proper, timely care. Tesla

  • virtually the same thing happened to me and A/E diagnosed ovarian cancer the day before I was due to have a colonoscopy. Whatever you do, make sure you see another Dr. (I had seen several!) I would go today...and print this out and take it with you! Good luck x

  • Hi Lorraine, as Kathy has said, go back to your GP and ask to be referred to a gynaecologist. If they think you have an ovarian cyst it should have been a gynaecologist referral anyway. If not listening, insist you want to see another GP in the practice now! Good luck. Ann xx

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