Fibroma or fibroid? Is there a difference?

Hello ladies,

I've been for my gynae appointment today. When I had my ultrasound 2 weeks ago the sonographer told me I had a cyst on my left ovary. The GP then told me I had a solid mass. Today the consultant I saw says I have an 11cm x 6cm fibroma or fibroid growing from a stalk (for want of a better word) from my uterus. While he was checking out fibroma/fibroid he also removed a polyp from my cervix. I'm now waiting for an appointment for an MRI, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. He said it will need to be removed along with everything else if I want -presumably hysterectomy. Do any of you lovely and brave ladies on here have any experience of fibroids and/or fibromas at all?

Many thanks xx

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  • Hi there

    I just wanted to wish you luck and hope you get an answer . I am sorry I cannot be of help as my PPC had no solid tumour. If you call Ovacome I am sure they will reassure you with an answer. Take care


  • Hi there

    I was looking back at today's posts and saw you still have no other answer and I just did what I would normally do myself . I just used google to get a definition but this certainly does not replace your doctors explanation or advice. The definition of a Fibroma is a benign tumour of connective tissue and a Fibroid is a benign tumour of the uterus. Of course all would have to be confirmed by a biopsy I would imagine. I hope you get an answer soon and that it will be good news. Take care.


  • Thank you for googling Molly! I must admit I'd done the same myself but was a bit baffled by the explanations! I got a call from my hospital yesterday and I'm booked in for an MRI on Wednesday - so fingers crossed things will become clearer after that. I can't fault the medical profession in whatever's going on with me. I first went to the doctor on July 27th and since that time I've had ultrasounds, gynae appointment and now MRI, all in 3 weeks! Thank you for your support x

  • You are so welcome. I am very impressed by the fast action of your medics. I am no doctor but I do know that benign is a very good word to hear ! As for what happens after that my mefical skills end there

  • Sorry. As you can see my typing skills are even worse than my medical skills ! Let us know how you get on. Take care


  • Hi MollyO, Thank you for your kind support and comments. I've just read your "poem" and am in awe of all you are going through and yet you still find time to respond to my post. Compared to some of the ladies on this site I am faced with a trivial problem, but your positivity and support to everyone who comes on here constantly amazes me.


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