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Too young to have cancer?

Hello, really need some advice, I have had bloating of my tummy, lower back pain and weeing all the time, also feeling fatigued and wiped out. I had some blood tests done which were all normal. HOWEVER, I suggested my doctor did a CA125 test as since April when my deppo injection ran out my periods have not returned and the pains in my tummy have got worse with the other symptoms. He laughed it off saying Im far too young to have ovarian cancer and there isnt a chance I would have it..... Well I think I have reason for concern... What are your thoughts??

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What has he got to lose by giving you the CA125. I can't believe it costs a fortune and for the sake of your piece of mind...Its a no brainer. Why not phone an Ovacome nurse and if she advises that - no you sadly aren't too young for this to be a possibility and that your symptoms should be properly considered - you can quote her when speaking to your GP. Can you take a friend or partner along with you so that you can be as forceful/persuasive as you need to be?

I sincerely hope that all is well with you and that you can get a negative result this side of Christmas.

Best Wishes



You must go back to your gp and insist on a CA 125, nobody is too young for cancer.Is there another gp in your practice you can see? Hope you getbit sorted. Love Sue x


ty sarah, I just feel like no one is listening to me at the moment, I do understand it can take ages for my periods to return after the deppo, even though the current 8 months feels like forever! But the other pains are worrying me :(


Hi Natalie,

A ca125 test costs about £25, so there is no reason not to do one. I would ask to see a female GP if possible, and explain your concerns to her.

Having said all that, it is unlikely that ov. ca. is the cause as you have such distinct symptoms (it often has none, which is why it gets so advanced before being discovered), so press for a test, but also ask for a scan to find out the cause.

Very best wishes,



Try ringing the ovacome nurse helpline, they will get back to you if you get the answerphone message. It's 08453710554. You are not too young and for your own peace of mind, you need to get it checked out. Try the Ovacome homepage and click on the BEATonline symptom tracker for a way to get evidence for your GP. It may persuade him (her?) to refer you.

All the best

Wendy xx


ty girls ill give anything a go :)


Hi Natalie. You don't mention what age you are? I am 34 and the type of ovarian cancer I have been diagnosed with normally only occurs in young girls or post menopausal women - but it still grew in me! Unfortunately this horrible disease does not discriminate so you are never too young. Insist they do the test huni. X


Have you tried doing the BEAT symptoms tracker on the Ovacome website? You can follow your symptoms over several days and print off the results. This could be useful in convincing your doctor to have tests done. Also do you have more than one GP at your surgery? Sometimes, especially if the alternative is a lady GP, they can be much more approachable. Good luck. I hope your worries are unfounded, but stick at it until YOU are happy, and not just convinced against your will



HI as far as I am concerned no woman is to young to have OC. I have kept an article I read in a magazine last year where an 8 year old girl was diagnosed with OC. She had an op and chemo and is fine now. ( sorry I dont want to frighten you). but sadly some GP,S are still not OC aware. I personally have a friend who was misdiagnosed for at least 18 months. Insist that you want a test. Hope all goes well. Sandra x


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