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Laura’s Latest Update: Reprieve!



Today, the Italian Liver specialist from the Wellington Hospital and Royal Free Hospital in London, has given me a telephone consultation today, after studying my CT scans and history.

He says to me, with great confidence, "Well the first thing we have to do, is put in a stent and drain that bilirubin and get you liver function back'"

"You can do that?" I ask, incredulous.

"It's not dangerous?"

"It's what I do. It's not a problem."

So,I may be admitted to his hospital next week!

And, he can do it in the NHS!

He also works with a renowned OvarianCancer research (trials) specialist with whom he will work.

The whole thing is very exciting and I will know more on Monday or Tuesday.

I am now high as a kite, my friend!

More to come...

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Fantastic news!!!!! Keeping everything crossed for you!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck x

So please to hear this positive news. Long may it last.

Loads of love to you

Really good news for you. The best of luck when you start your treatment xx

I’ve just woken up and my day is already made! That is amazing news Laura. Whoopee!!! Xxxxxx

Brilliant news Laura!!

Superb news! Thanks for sharing. You can do it!

So glad to hear this. You sound so positive. Good luck for early next week!!!

Hi Laura, I’m so, so happy for you. Your determination and the Liver Soecialist’s expertise will see you through this next battle. Onwards and upwards as the saying goes!

All the very best

Denise xxxxx

Excellent news Laura. So pleased for you.

Nicola x

Fantastic news! Xx

That’s just the best news Laura .

Good luck xxx

Brilliant news 👏

Oh Laura, I am so happy for you and look forward to further news when you have it.

In the meantime I wish you lots of luck for next week,& I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Caleda xx

Fantastic good luck and keep us informed 🙏🙏 its very inspiring to hear all your stories l have late stage OC but

staying positive its the only way.xx

That’s excellent news Laura!


Good luck and keep us posted.

Joy x

Wow, fingers crossed for you Laura, I love your updates x take care, vickie xx

Fantastic news for you,there is ALWAYS hope,stay strong xxx

Yay! That’s excellent news Laura!

It shows how important it is to pursue every avenue.

The best of luck with it!

Anne 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

What fabulous news to wake up to! Well done and keep us posted with how you get on xx

Great to hear your getting some more positive actions. Here’s hoping the two combined expertises are able to find a route for you that leads to better health.

Take care ❤️Xx Jane

Fantastic news, Laura. So pleased for you!!! Fingers crossed....

Love and best wishes,

Solange 😊

This is the best news we’ve had for a long time dear Laura. We’ve all been worrying about you. I’m trying to imagine what a difference it’s going to make to your weekend knowing that next week will be the answer to your prayers and ours. You and Your little family must be elated.

All the very best and lots of love

Angela xx

Fantastic news Laura ! Xx

Brilliant news, Laura - very happy for you 💕. Mel xx

Excellent news wishing you all the very best with your treatment xx

Great news Laura. Everything crossed for you 🤞🤞🤞

Jenny x

Hi Laura,

So very very pleased for you. Sending you love 💕Strength 💪and prayers 🙏.


Great news for you Laura. Good luck with next steps and hope it happens quickly.

Laura - this is such positive news. How you will get through the weekend until Mon / Tue, I don't know. You must be so excited. 🌈

So happy to hear your encouraging news, Laura. I hope all goes well with your surgery.

Best wishes from Louisiana


OMG! Great news! Chuffed to bits for you ♥ xx

Fabulous news! x


Brilliant news Laura! Am so pleased for you! Xx

It’s such a relief to hear from you, Laura, and great to learn about the liver stent. I’m sure you can’t wait to get it done! Sending hugs.

Saying a huge prayer for you! You are a fighter ❤️

Really pleased that you have been given some positive news at last. We have everything crossed for you x

Ah that is wonderful news, I’ve just been told my recurrence has spread to my liver, I am going on Cisplatin/ Caelyx. Do you bloat up and stomach is forever churning as if it’s juice filling up your stomach.

Hugs Ellsey xx

Great news x

Aw! Great stuff Laura!

What fantastic news, so chuffed for you Laura

Loren x

Brilliant news. So chuffed for you. Sending lots of love ❤️

That's fabulous x

Great news xx

This made my day 🥰🥰🥰

Great news Laura xxx

Well done Laura. You are tenacious. I hope this gives you respite and you feel better. You certainly sound it! X


Wonderful news! If you hadn’t pushed for this though then it probably wouldn’t have happened, yet again showing how we must be our own best advocate. Keep us informed and really good luck Lindaura x

Just wonderful! These guys are amazing! All the very best next week xxx

Positive news. Very exciting indeed. Best of luck for when you start your treatment. 🤗 Jackie x

Hurrah! Some good news.


Brilliant news 👍😃 xx

I am so happy for you and I hope the procedure goes really well.

That’s great 😀 I hope it goes well 👍

Love Margaret xx

That's fantastic news .😀😀

Fab news Laura. This is why we should always ask for second opinions....there are always professionals out there with different expertise. Wishing you all the very best and keep us all informed how it goes fir you. We are all behind you all the way.🙏❤️

Amazing fantastic news ,so pleased for

You love & hugs SheilaF xx

That's beyond brilliant. Thanks for letting us know. Sue xx

Brilliant news Laura. Well done for continuing to seek answers.

Best of luck.


Of great interest, wishing you Well & keep us posted, please X

That's great news - hope all goes well. xx

Such great news Laura. All the very best with your treatment.

Brilliant news Laura!

I’m so thrilled for you Laura. I’m sorry too that I havent replied to your recent posts as going through my own stuff sometimes wipes my brain of everything but my own situation . You have always been my go to heroine who sees the positive and gives such good advice.

Reading your post of today makes me believe in miracles all over again . How wonderful to find this great expert who gives you such hope. I like his positive attitude .

I’m wishing you all the best for the next step on Tue. Take care

X X X💚❤️

Great news Laura, l am so happy for you love Bridie

Oh, that's good news, well done for persisting... i was getting somewhat concerned as you hadn't posted for a couple of weeks. Good luck for the procedure...


Yay!!!! My gosh, you must be so excited. Not only for a procedure that seems innovative but effective but you will be, perhaps, be closer to getting on a trial in the future. Hugs!!!!

Fantastic news, Laura!

So pleased to hear your news. Best wishes and Good Luck.

Gwen xx

I'm so glad to hear this good news! I'll be praying for you and your doctors. --Lani

Such fantastic news, go you for not giving up on yourself and pursuing better treatment for you! I will endeavour to maintain the same positivity. Good luck with your expert treatment. x

So pleased about your good news Laura. I don't post very often but am inspired by your experiences and so grateful for your posts. Good luck! Lynn

Great news x

That is absolutely fantastic news!!!! I just love this website as so many positive ladies! Good luck and please let us know your progress!!!

Hi Lindaura,

wondering how you're getting on and if you'd had any luck with The Wellington? Sticky3006 xx

Hi Laura, May I ask who the renowned ovarian cancer trials specialist is in case I need to consult. I have the rare low grade ovarian. Best wishes. Gwen

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