Latest update on my sister

My sister is still in hospital following her caecostomy, sepsis etc. She developed fistulas which have complicated her surgical recovery. The stoma works occasionally but sometimes the fistulas let the bowel contents out. The stoma nurses have been brilliant trialling different wound management bags. It is a very difficult time and she has suffered a lot. We are hoping she can be discharged soon with support from district nurses and the community stoma team. It has been a long road of misinformation, different teams saying different things and discharge being planned and then cancelled. I hope there is light at the end of the tunnell. Sending you all good wishes for your healing journeys.

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  • Sending good wishes to you and your sister. It took a while to sort out my stoma but I got the right equipment in the end and don't have much trouble now although it is annoying.

  • so so sorry for everything your sister and yourself have been through. Although it does sound as if they are trying really hard to do the right thing. Hopefully they will eventually succeed and she woill be discharged. She's lucky to have you as a sister. Do takre care, love Chris xxx

  • Your sister has certainly been going through the mill of late. And you must be feeling so worried too. I hope it gets sorted soon and your sister is able to return home.

  • Sending sympathy to both of you. Your poor sister - and you!! You've been through so much. Hopefully everything will have settled down and she can come home soon. 😊 Xx

  • Wishing you strength and determination to get through this tough patch and hoping things settle down for you! Xx

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