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Low Grade Serous Cancer, Mets to Liver, Liver Biopsy, Update #1: Carcinoma

I hope this is an okay way to update. I've added update #1 so I wouldn't clog up my initial post. If someone needed that information, they could go to the first post.

Now that the administrative work is done (and someone jump in if this isn't the correct way to update), I've had the initial results. Carcinoma. There's a second report that I haven't received yet which will give me more information as to whether it's liver or ovarian cancer.

I meet with the surgeon next Thursday, and then I'll see the oncologist the following Tuesday. I just hope they can do a liver resection. There's two lesions, one larger and it goes deep into the liver.

Lots to do before surgery. Freezers to fill. Things to clean! Extra safety bars installed in the bathrooms.

This time around I'll do online shopping for groceries. That way we'll have fresh food and if it takes me all day to make a salad, so be it. (Yes, friends and family would bring stuff, but it's really critical that I move. I have such poor circulation in my legs.)

I'm working on my affirmations/positive thinking and being optomistic.

And how cute is this -- when I read the short report to my husband, he digested it, and then told me to get onto the Ovacome forum. He reminded me of all the women who have survived...

You people help even when you don't realize it.


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Dear Nancy,

Well that's a huge piece of news that you seem to be taking very well.

You sound like an amazing upbeat person, which is a first step in beating this latest manifestation. But what a drag!

That said, I was glad to read that you'll be seeing a surgeon right away, and it looks like you will be getting treatment quickly.

Remember not to take no for an answer. There are more tools to fight this cancer at your disposal, you just have to find the one that works for you.

Well done, getting your home ready and fridge stocked. Please don't try to do too much after your surgery. This one may be even tougher to snap back from, and you will want to take it easy.

I wish you all the luck in the world (to share with the rest of us). Thank your husband from us, too. He sounds very wise and a good partner for your next battle.



Many thanks Laura. I must confess that this time around I feel like I'm a seasoned veteran, one who is ready for the unexpected.

I'm being treated at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto, one of the top cancer hospitals in the world (something like top 5). I have no concerns over their treatment, but I will go to MD Andersen in the States if I don't like what's going on.

I had a smile on my face as I was reading some of your posts. I, too, described my bed as my nest. This time around I'm going to get rid of some of the dusty books.

(And I'm pretty sure I have a similar wig to yours. I felt so glam when I wore it.)

Take care,



Just on a cheery note, I started wearing my wig all the time at home now. I hated my bald head, but was too sick to worry about my appearance up until a few weeks ago.

I was happy to lose my hair, because it made me know the Chemo was killing cells (and it did!), but hated to look in the mirror.

Now the wig comes on first thing in the morning and the last thing I take off at night.

Good luck with everything!



Laura, we might possibly be twins. I was the same way about my hair. I didn't mind losing it at all. And when it grew back, my husband would say I was his lovely gossling as he stroked my head.

And everytime I felt a ping in my body after chemo, I'd think, yes, there's another cell killed. Hah.

(My surgeon said it's always a good sign when people take more care with their appearance. It wasn't a sexist remark, either.)


I guess he meant that we feel good enough to take the time to fix ourselves up a bit.

Also, in the beginning, when I knew I was anaemic, I didn't want to cover up my lips or eyelids, so the doctor could see what was going on.

BTW, I still have not taken a shower in 6 months! Just sponge baths, but I had my husband buy a non slip bath mat, so I will try it tomorrow.

My last shower was before they put the PICC line in. But I was so dizzy and could hardly stand up then, so I never tried it again.

Okay, enough of these reminisces.

Be well,

Your twin,


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I was the same way about makeup. Although, come to think of it, I think the docs rely on the numbers rather than how we look. Not one doctor has remarked on my raccoon eyes.

Good luck with your bath. It'll feel like heaven, but it might tired you out. XXOO

Your twin from another mother, lol.


Hi Nancy,

You sound very brave but I am sure you are also anxious as well. Did you have any symptoms that suggested liver mets or was it just picked up on a routine scan? I remembered your mentioning fatigue and poor appetite


Hello ScardyCat40,

I treat this chronic disease step by step. It's not so much being anxious, as being apprehensive, because we all know how quickly things can change.

That's an interesting question about symptoms. Back in December, I had a surge of energy for three weeks. It was glorious. I though, YES! I've come back and am feeling better than I had been in the last five years.

And then I hit the wall. Fatigue. Inability to concentrate. A nasty cold. I felt so poorly I had to cancel Christmas at our place, a huge disappointment to me as it would have the first time we had Christmas here in like ten years. I put all the food I bought in a trundy buggie and my sister collected it so she could host Christmas. I also had back pain off and on, always explaining it away by, oh, well, I just cleaned the bathtub etc. When will I learn?

Anyway, the short answer is yes, there were symptoms. And as to the liver mets, I was being tracked for two ground glass nodules in my lungs. Then came the good news/bad news scenario. My body had calcified those nodules so there's nothing to worry about. But the CT-scan showed two liver mets.

My appetitie has improved. I've got a food journal to make sure I'm getting variety in my diet and I'm eating smaller, frequent meals.

How are you getting on? Last we "chatted" you were in the hospital. Are you feeling better now?


I came home on Sunday. I can’t say that my breathing has vastly improved and I have been in pain particularly today. I am concerned that my liver might be enlarged and pressing on my diaphragm. I had a CT scan yesterday and get the results next week


Sunday will be a happy day. It's always so good to be home surrounded by your own smells and things.

Good to read that you've had a CT scan. While I can't say I feel my liver has enlarged, I sometimes get a pain under my right rib. It's not a stabby pain, but not a sharp one either. Good luck with your results, keep us posted, okay?

Will your breathing improve?


I would have expected it to improve following the drain. I know that my diaphragm on the right was higher than normal that is why I suspect my liver. The liver being enlarged might not necessarily have anything to do with cancer


Perhaps once you're home and relaxed, breathing might improve. One can only hope. And yes, it might not have anything to do with the liver.

Take good care of yourself.


I have been home since last Sunday. When I went for my CT scan the radiologist asked me if I was ok as I was a bit breathless


Ah, okay. Thanks.


Hi Nancy,

I am very impressed with how you are preparing for the aftermath. I do so hope you get the best result possible from future surgery and treatment.

I hope you have someone there to give you a (gentle) hug and I send you a virtual one, or ten.

Iris ❤️️


Hi Iris,

Thanks for the virtual hugs. Always needed. Here's a few for you :)

This weekend I'll be making squash soup. I just hope it's something I'll want to eat after surgery, lol.

I don't like people fussing over me (my mom said that even when I was a kid, I'd be like an animal heading to their cave and just curl up). So having as much nutrious food as possible in the freezer is a good thing.

Are you doing better?


Hi Nancy,

just to wish you the best of luck with your surgeon and oncologist.

Best wishes.

Gwen xx


Thanks Gwen. This'll be the fourth surgeon. I've had a bowel (he was the absolute best), gynocologist, lung, and now liver.

I'm holding you to those photos when you go on your trip. XXOO


Wishing you the best of luck and a good treatment plan. Please keep us posted.


Hi Neona,

Thanks for the well wishes. Yes, I'll keep you posted because knowledge is gold!

I poked around your old posts, and I can't read them all (nap time), but I'm wondering how things are going for you on the worry front. Did you lick that pesky beast?


Hi Nancy, I'm on a clinical trial called Patriot and my first scan showed stable disease and a tiny amount of reduction - so I have booked a holiday! After my op I was a nervous wreck but now try to live for the present rather than the future and this has helped me. It is important to have hope and there are so many new treatments coming on. I guess we all have dark days though.


Stable disease and a tiny amount of reduction. Lovey! Congratulations. A holiday sounds heavenly.

I think living for the present is the way to go. Hope and optimism go a long way.

I agree. We all have dark days. I have them too. I'll snivel my way through the day, but it doesn't stick.

I wish you continued good results on Patriot. XXOO Thank goodness for new treatments.

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I had my liver sectioned xx


Hi Zena,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I went through some of your posts and can't find when you had your liver resectioned so I'll ask here -- when was it done? I'm assuming it was successful, so congratulations on that. I understand it can be a difficult surgery for some.

Since I started this post five months ago, things have changed for me. Right now surgery is not an option because I have two largish tumours and cancerous cells spread throughout the liver. We tried carbo/gem but that didn't seem to work (and blood clots got in my way) so now I'm on Caelyx. I've had my first treatment and am going in for my second on Friday. So far so good.

The cancer in the liver is clear cell, not low grade serous.

If the Caelyx halts the liver cancer, I can hopefully get into a trial. We'll see.

Meanwhile, take good care of yourself. XXOO

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Hi I had it done jan 18 the lovely prof with my debulking surgery.

Yes it was successful x

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Hi we’re would u get the liver surgery done ? I know it’s soo confusing when I had cancer in liver rectum diaphragm spleen but still classed as OC I just don’t get it. I know it originates from there 🤔 x

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I live in Toronto so I'd get the biopsy done likely at Toronto General. That's where I had the previous biopsy done that confirmed that my ovarian cancer had spread to the liver.

Holy smokes Zena, you sure had a lot of mets -- liver, rectum (!) diaphragm, speen!!!! My ovarian cancer spread to the bowel (which was a good thing because my cancer was detected through the bowel). Two years later it spread to the liver. Still classified as ovarian cancer, clear cell this time, low grade serious diagnosis in 2016.

In 2016, they looked at 36 lymph nodes and I had cancer in 17 (I think) nodes. I'm tired so I can't remember the exact numbers. In any case, it came as no surprise that my cancer had spread.

I'm so pleased for you that your surgery was successful. It must have taken some to recover from that extensive surgery.




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