I have been somewhat absent from this site for the past week as frankly I have been feeling dreadful. I had my 'biggie chemo' Wed of last week and started going downhill Fri afternoon. No chemo has ever confined me to bed but the Cisplatin/Gemcitibane really is a killer.

I had my scan last week and the result was total standstill, which to me I am happy with, I just don't want the tumours to grow. However the cancer marker has gone up 100 to 370. My Onc. looked at my scan and looked at me and declared the scans looked healthier than I did.

It turned out my bloods were shot to pieces and I was severely anaemic, hence the reason I was feeling so bad. The weight is down to almost skeletal levels for my height, so I was given a blood transfusion and injections I have to self administer for the pain in the lower pelvic area and also they should improve my appetite - yes cortisone, I didn't want them but only for 5 days.

My treatment has also changed. I am now back on Avastin but this time with Xeloda. I notice this is for breast and colon cancer, so I wonder if he has a suspicion that some cancer cells may be starting to settle in the colon area as I am having so many tummy problems. I remain on my morphine patches until I feel things may be settling down.

So fingers crossed and onwards and upwards and I hope Avastin comes through for me again.

I am however struggling with the Insurance Company to get the port fitted, I have to have one. Yesterday was so bad with the blood transfusion and I still have a bruise along the vein and where the catheter went in from the previous week.

Love Anna xx

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  • Oh Anna. Such a roller coaster ride for you. Your onc is obviously fabulous, so I am sure Avastin and Xeloda is the right cocktail for now. Avastin has got to be good for you even if it's given as a placebo - LOL! I am looking forward to hearing that things are moving in the right direction now over the next few weeks.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi Lizzie,

    I am being given a couple of weeks off and start a week on Wed, the bloods should have recovered by then.

    I am also looking into PARP inhibitor trials. Nothing available here in Spain but my Onc seems to think I could benefit and is quite happy for me to seek them out in the UK, this is actively being done at the moment.

    How are things with you and your 'tum' ?

    Love Anna x

  • Hi Anna,

    I think I shall have to be drained next week. No sign yet of the caeylx kicking in. I am seeing my onc this afternoon.

    So pleased about the PARP inhibitors. If you are BRCAness it seems absolutely essential to me that you go this route.

    Hope you feel sronger in a couple of weeks.

    Love Lizzie


  • Anna, I'm sorry you feel so ill, you've been through so much and always seem positive,and always ready with help and advice.I really hope you start to feel better soon. Thinking of you. Lots of Love Sue x

  • Oh Anna you make me feel ashamed for complaining about my problems. So minor compared to yours! I am thinking of you and sending my equivalent of prayers - positive vibes travelling the ether in force from York!

    Love Margaret

  • Hope you are going from strength to strength Anna. You are an inspiration to us all.

    Love hugs and energy + lots of little red cells are winging their way to you. xxSusisoapsuds

  • Wishing you the very best. Hope you will soon be feeling much better.

    Take care, love from Dorothy

  • Thanks so much ladies for your messages and I can cheerfully say I am now feeling so much better. I have never felt a blood transfusion kick in so quickly as I did this time. The joke in our house now is that I have had so many blood transfusions, I am now well and truly full of Spanish blood. Pity the transfusions haven't given me the ability to speak the language better.

    Today I collected my injections and have to put them into my hip/higher cheek of the bum area. That should be fun, with hubby being almost blind he can't do them, so I guess I will be looking in the mirror as I do them lol. They are supposed to help with the pain, a dull ache type of pain I am suffering constantly in the lower pelvic area, particularly on the left side - does anyone else suffer with pain in this area ? Also try and improve my appetite.

    Thankfully I have got permission to get the port fitted privately so I am seeing the surgeon Tues lunchtime to discuss the type to go for. Hopefully I will get that done in time for the start of the new treatment on 7th March.

    Lizzie how did the draining go and how many Caelyx have you had ?

    Love Anna xx

  • I'm so pleased to read that things are getting a little better, Anna.

    All love,


  • Funny you should say about the pain in your left side. that is where I always used to get a pain and always blamed it on the Ovaries!, and i still do get the niggles. The GP and the onc say there is nothing there so it must be scar tissue.....

    love viv

  • Hi Anna,

    I had my second caeylx on 10/2/2012. We are doing bloods and a CA125 test on Monday pre being drained again (2nd time this year) on Tuesday. If my CA125 has gone up significantly, I think we are ditching caeylx and trying plan C.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better already, good luck with the tricky injections.

    Love Lizzie


  • Hi Anna,

    sorry the drugs haven't worked for you. it's funny how we are all differeent, mind you I had treosulpur with my Gemcitabine last time. Cisplatin on it's own last year....

    I'm sure they will sort you out again. We can't give up know -stay positive and keep fighting.

    Love n hugs


  • Viv, the pain is very low in the pelvic area and has only appeared these past few weeks. I am wondering that as the scans are clear in that area but the cancer marker is up, is the Onc wondering if some cancer cells may be trying to settle in that area, hence the new regime which is for colon cancer. I have pain in the left side of the abdomen after sitting a while, this is definitely scar tissue pain and has been there for years. This other pain is recent.

    Onwards and upwards that's what I always say to myself.

    Love Anna xx

  • Hi again Anna.

    I get dull low pelvic pain and pains on just under left and right rib. The latter could be spleen or liver as I have deposits there or muscular.They are intermittent. The pelvic ache is definitely along the op scar more at night or if I have been on my feet a lot, I know I am prone to adhesions . have also just had the rewsults of my bowel cancer screen and that has come back fine. Chemo too can cause inflammation pain. Just have to put our trust in the oncologists and surgeons sometimes.

    Lots of hugs Suexx

  • Hi Anna, I hope that by now, you will be beginning to feel a little bit better. So sorry to hear what you've been going through. I'm sending you all possible positive vibes, hopes, wishes etc. etc. .and a big hug

    May your fight-back continue smoothly

    Love, Wendy xx

  • HI Ladies,

    A quick up date on what is happening with my treatment. I had my port a cath fitted last Fri and went for my first treatment of the new regime yesterday., Unfortunately it couldn't go ahead as Avastin has the ability to' interfer' with the healing of wounds, so I have to wait until the 21st March before I start. Yippee two weeks off.

    One thing that quite astounded me yesterday when I was talking to The Prof, he suddenly looked at me and said you are a very special patient and all your treatment has been tailor made especially for you - wow I thought. I told him he is a gem. I think he is trying so hard because of my hubby's blindness, he is really trying to keep me going.

    Boy how much I love this guy lol

    Love Anna xx

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