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Latest News - what a difference a day makes

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Dear All,

Went to have my stomach drain fitted today and they drained nearly 4 litres - feel has if I have given birth to my son again and to top it all my oncologist rang me to say that on my third round of weekly Taxol the CA125 has gone from 3000 to 900. I know that I shouldn't get too excited but hell at this moment it was the boost I and my family needed after weeks of feeling so ill (and this dam virus) at least I have a reason to fight. Love you all. Anne XXX

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That’s great news Anne. Long may it continue 💐

Jenny x

Brilliant news Anne. So happy for you. Gwen x

That’s great news, Anne! I’m so relieved for you. The taxol result is amazing. Everything crossed the numbers continue to drop. Xoxo

So happy to hear your news ,we all need some good news at the moment, soooo pleased for you .xx


Oh fantastic news!

That’s great news - so pleased to hear this. Please keep us all updated.

Relish in the good news! Wishing you the best

Fantastic news , so happy for you xx

Lovely news!

Fantastic news been checking everyday to see how you were getting on.

Brilliant news and so happy you have had treatment and your CA125 is on the way down.

You and your family have been put through the mill. We have all been thinking about you and sending our love and prayers. 💗

Jackie 💗

Thats fantastic news. Amidst all thats going on at the moment we all need to hear good news! So pleased for you xx Kathy xx

Wow! That's a huge drop in your CA-125, long may it continue. Although having Taxol weekly is a little wearisome in frequent hospital visits, I found it easier to tolerate than the three-weekly Taxol I had during initial treatment.

My dear I agree - it is like you never get a break and certainly the first time round I did only 5 rounds as the oncologist consider me too ill to do the 6th. How many rounds will you be doing on the weekly one? Lots of love Anne XXX

I had it a couple of years ago, I think it was 18 weeks in total.

Hi Anne, I’m so pleased that the taxol is getting your CA125 back down so well again; that’s fantastic news!

Take good care and enjoy your lovely family despite this stupid virus!

Love and hugs

Denise xxxxx

Dear Denise,

Thank you so much.

Pity Taxol is so deadly on the rest of the body, but nothing seems to work so well on lowering the CA125 - at least on me.

A big hug back. Anne XXX

That must be a huge relief Anne. Really pleased to hear positive things from you. Keeping everything crossed for you 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻.


Good news Anne. Keep fighting!

Nicola x

Really nice to hear some good news. Long may it continue.

Best wishes


Fantastic xx

Really happy for you Anne, you’ve had a tough time. So pleased you can see some light at the end of what must have felt like an extremely long tunnel. Therese xx

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Shorty864 in reply to TarbonNZ

Dear Therese, Extremely long, I had almost given up. Anne XXX

Brilliant news Anne, taxol is a really effective treatment and so far doing it’s job for you. A drop of 2100 is superb an long may this trend continue for you.. love and virtual hugs lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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Shorty864 in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you so much Jane. XXX

Ann--SO happy for you. I had the same thing happen to me and ca125 also went down same percentage. Still on it although on second cycle they added Avastin. I am about to start my 6th cycle and ca125 continues to go down. So glad you have good news, especially at a time like this. (and wow--4 liters??? ) Must have had instant relief! oxox

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Shorty864 in reply to Maxjor

I am so glad to hear this my dear. I have just gone through taking Avastin and Caelyx and suffered lots of side-effects. The Taxol was one my first chemos and it nearly finished me off that time, but gave me 4 years of remission, so it seems the second time round is no easier but seems to be working!

Instant relief my dear - now there is space for food.

Take care here's to Taxol. A big hug. Anne XXX

Hi Anne. Pleased things are heading in the right direction after your weeks of feeling rubbish. I was listening to Captain Tom this morning, the gentleman who’s walked around his garden 100 times. As he said ‘tomorrow’s another day and things will get brighter and better’. Let’s hope that that will be for you too! X

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Shorty864 in reply to sticky3006

What a wondeful man. Yes I am really hoping this gives me more time with my wonderful family outside of the restrictions of horrible virus. XXXX

Just had seven litres drained so know exactly how it feels. Great news about the bloods too

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Shorty864 in reply to Kkaren

Dear Karen ,

Poor you and I thought 4 litres was an incredible amount. The doctor who fitted the drain was a bit dubious about the amount I had!!! The relief is instant. Do you have a permanent drain fitted? XXX

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Kkaren in reply to Shorty864

Hi, yes it took a while to get rid of that. No I don’t have a permanent drain in although I suspect there is a bit of fluid gathering again. Trying to convince myself I am imagining it as I don’t fancy getting it done again. I started Carbo and Caelyx last week which she hopes will control any further fluid. Xx

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Shorty864 in reply to Kkaren

I know what you mean about convincing yourself that it is all in your mind. Did exactly the same myself, but the beauty is now I don't have too - not a nice procedure at all. Yes I am sure the Carbo Caelyx will stop it. All the best my dear - keep in touch. Anne XXX

Oh Anne what great news, long may it continue

Loren x

Im so happy you got rid of all that fluid,whew what a feeling! I had 3 liters drained in the past.

Hi Anne,

So glad for you. What a happy bit of news.

Taxol is so hard, but it’s worth it, even if you have to get back in bed to simply ride it out, using all your arsenal of anti-nausea, etc, and watching your digestion, and let the Taxol do its work.

Losing my hair this second time was depressing, but a small price to pa if it knocks back that evil cancer.

Best wishes and hugs,


What a big drop, you must be delighted. Along with drain you must feel like a new woman.


Yes my dear , except this afternoon panic because the hospital had forgotten to provide me with the bag necessary to drain off the liquid. Finally had to return to hospital and collect the bag, district nurse will be here early tomorrow morning. So just trying to relax and go with flow, hoping our local chemist is able to source the bags quickly!! Xx

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Cynthia18 in reply to Shorty864

You did if yourself

Wonderful news, Anne. 👏 So pleased you feel better. 💐 Long may it last!!

Love, Solange😊

Anne, THIS is wonderful news!! So excited for you. How fortunate to get all of that fluid out of your body and to feel more free to move around. Huge. It is so CLEAR you are healing! I can imagine how much better you must be feeling. What a relief. xx Shannon

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