Happy story - three months later

Hello Warriors, my wife Gauri had her bloods and scan done today. Last chemo was end May and now three months later her CA125 and scan are in normal range. With His Grace and all your Blessings may she remain this way forever. Her hair is also coming back, softer than it was earlier. Fatigue, weight loss and acute neuropathy in the feet are the only tell tale signs remaining.


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  • With time and good diet, the fatigue will gradually get better (gentle exercise and short walks to start with) and she should start to gain weight. She has been through a lot and it will take time for her to recover. Big gentle hugs to both of you Ann x

  • Hello Naimish,

    Very good news. She will continue to get better each day. You must be so relieved. Angela x

  • Thank you very much Ann and Angela


  • Hello Naimish - this is fantastic, fantastic news! You must both feel like as a feather!!

    With time, nurturing & nourishment, I'm sure you're wife will start feeling more like herself. In the meantime, my very best wishes to you both for this wonderful news.

    Jemima xx

  • Hello naimish, I am so happy for you and your wife, it is so such good news

    Like the other ladies have said the tiredness, weight gain ext will take time as she as been through a lot. Sending you my very best wishes and God's blessings to both of you. Love Julie xxx

  • Hello Naimish!

    Great news and please give my best to your wife she went through a lot and I am glad she is finally coming out the other side.

    All the best


  • That is great news Naimish, I am sure your support has helped your wife greatly. Yes the aches do tend to hang around but perhaps some epsom salts baths or foot baths will help, I am a firm believer and others have mentioned adding in Lavender oil. So wishing you a lovely weekend and hope ye get out and about, best wishes

  • Hi Jemima Julie D and Joan, I'm ever grateful to you for taking me through these dark days with so much positivity. My wife , strongest person I ever knew, all of a sudden becomes so weak and dependent? What can be the reason? In India we blame "karma". I however do not believe in such and ask myself - is this God's way of levelling human ego? I also now understood what it takes to be a woman. She takes care of the man and begets his child and gets such punishment in return? No ma'am , justice not done. Despite going through so much and especially those who are experiencing recurrence (my dread at the moment), you guys are able to smile though all this. What a fantastic bunch. God Bless you all.

    When I read Debs' posts, it gives me a chuckle or two and sweetens the day for a while. Of course just now we are on Cloud 9..... and looking forward to a short vacation first week Sep.


  • Although I have read about the epsom salt baths here, I have not yet started her on it as yet. Will do so now. She however has bi weekly physiotherapy and massage. Will add the salts now to her external diet


  • Naimish so good to hear the news about Gauri. X

  • NAmish

    I am so happy for you and your dear wife . She has been blessed by a good husband who left no stone unturned to make sure she got the very best treatment.., I wish you a long happy healthy life together . The other ladies have given you practical advice with any remaining discomforts. I will just add my prayers of thanks . Your wife has given us all hope. Take care

  • Thank you Molly. It's your prayers that have taken her through the ordeal. Hopefully your elephants left you some sleeping space . Gauri is privileged to be a source of hope for all you lovely women.


  • Thank you Alf77 for the lovely wishes.


  • Naimish, I am so happy for you both to read this. We can only go forward, a day, and hour, a moment at a time. With love and rest you will both be fine. Best wishes for your break. Vxxx

  • Thank you so so much V, for the forward match.


  • Hi Namish-

    I read your bio and was just wondering if your wife's neuropathy has improved after being chemo free for a time now? I had my last chemo yesterday and developed bad neuropathy in my feet. Walkinf is difficult with ne feeling in toes. My doc recommenced Vitamin b6 twice a day and Glutamine 10 grams three times a day. i am going to start that and see how the neuropathy is affected.

  • Hi.....caf132?, ok its four months sine the last chemo nd the palms are very well now. The feet remain a challenge and physio therapy is not doing any great guns. That said however, she is definitely improving, albeit slowly. She has shunned all medicines, however mild, and wants to be medicine free just as she was before the Big C hit her. Does not look like any fixed time for near normalcy. wild guess, she will need another six months for her feet. Else she is doing very well. Trust you are doing well too and am sure your results will turn out fantastic.


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