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Seeking information about targeted treatments

Hi everyone

This is my first post, I came across the group whilst searching for information. I am 75 years old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer 3 years ago. I had 37 sessions of radio therapy 2 years ago along with hormone treatment.

Unfortunately my PSA started to rise recently and after some scans it was determined that my cancer had spread to my hip. I have just had 5 sessions of radio therapy on my hip and am due to see my onco on new years eve. At our last meeting my onco introduced the probability of him recommending that I have Docetaxel which is something that I am not very keen on.

I have come across a compony that performs an Oncofocus Test which sounds very interesting does anyone have any experience of this process?

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Hello there, I think you are looking on the wrong group page. This is one for Ovarian Cancer but I'm pretty sure there must be one for Prostate Cancer. Good Luck, I hope you find something to help you.

Best wishes, 😊


Hi, as Solange has said we are an ovarian cancer group. If you go onto health unlocked and in the search box type in prostate cancer there are a number of groups there. I hope you find a treatment that helps you ❤️Xx Jane


Have you looked at clinical trials. I am on a phase one trial at the UCLH Research Facility and am on a targeted treatment I believe. They run trials for all types of cancer and many other things. Have you been for a second opinion. I went to a top oncologist in London and was referred to the Research Facility. I travel from Cornwall to London every fortnight. I see you are 75 so this may not be practical but worth looking into all options. I turned down doxil in favour of the trial.


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