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Update fingers x


Spoken to the consultants secretary she says she's almost certain the blood results are in and as far as she can remember she didn't prioritise them when she put them on his desk so I'm hopeing this means nothing showed up and I'm going to be ok...will know for sure once letter comes .I've booked an appointment with my gp for 9 November so I can chat to her over stuff any worries ect.

I just hope that this worry and stress is soon going to be over and I can crack on with stuff.

After reading the sad posts on mummybear59 I realise how lucky I may be and will never take my health for granted again.

Now I've just heard for on my sister in law who has had a tah for ovarian cancer ,she has now been told its spread to her bowel,she was never offered chemo they said it wasn't necessary and never given a MRI scan.

Now I'm worried that if I do t have a MRI they may have missed something. I'm going g to see how much one is if I pay private ..or maybe I'm just over thinking and need to trust the medics...

Would you?

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Hi Polly ,I can feel how you stressed out you are from reading your post, this is normal we all wonder what if just know that what ever happens you will be looked arfter by your team, do you have to Waite for a letter can you ring again and ask about the results just to put your mind at rest.I hope it all turns out to be ok and you can put it all behind you and you can crack on with stuff...take care Lorraine xx

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The secretary just said a letter would come,I guess I could ring again but I don't want to be a pest.

I slept well last night first time in weeks, my husband is happy for me if I really want a MRI for us to pay private. I'm going to wait, relax,wait for the letter,see my gp and decide from there.

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Glad you have managed to relax a bit ..take care xx

If you should decide to pay for a scan I think you should check that an mri is the most appropriate because most of us get an ultrsound and then a CT if having surgery. Could be cost related but I think it is because these are the most appropriate. Fingers crossed that you are worrying too much. Having said that I wish that I had paid for a scan as my original ca 125 was normal and it took 2 years to get diagnosed and then was 3c.

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Ta for the tip re ct scan

The consultant implied that the fact I'm under 50 ,I'll be 50 in February, the fact he couldn't see anything,the fact that if I'd not had an endometrial ablation done I'd still be haveing periods,even that I still had the occasional hot flush meant it couldn't possibly be a gynea issue or cancer....like I posted before he wasn't happy I suggested he could be wrong....

My own GP whoes, lovely is my best bet ..possibly ask for a second opinion.

You kinda think oh I can't do with it the hassle I don't want to make a fus,but if they're wrong then it could be life threatening.

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I saw a completely useless consultant rheumatologist once who stated that I definately had fibromyalgia- absolute complete rubbish! If not happy I think you should get a second opinion as the statement " it can't possibly be" is ridiculous. Hopefully all is well but you will not have any peace of mind unless you see. consultant that you trust.

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My thinking too,its tempting to think oh sod it ,move on but deep inside you think what if ?

Part of me wishes I'd never gone to see the gp but again I realise that's daft too.

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