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So this happened today !


I decided that after 10 days of dreading that I would find my hair on my pillow I took the plunge and braved the shave .

I feel quite liberated that I decided to shave it rather than wait for it to fall out .

I had a little cry as I had long hair but I’ve dusted myself off and I actually quite like it .

My husband told me I’m beautiful but my son has ignored my phone calls since yesterday and I feel hurt but He told his dad that me having no hair makes this cancer real for him . Im sure he will come round . I hope all you ladies are well .

I have tolerated the carb/ taxol ok for the 1st one but who knows what lies ahead 😬

Keep strong 💪😁

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Well done may find it nice and cool for the summer and you can have fun tying and retying scarves. Don’t worry it will be back sooner than you think xx

Everyone is beautiful. In fact men who have no hair are often considered really sexy. You are the female equivalent. Well done you.

Are you a wig, scarf or commando (😁) person or a mixture ? Either way with are with you as you progress.

Best wishes


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I’ve gone commando . I’ve ordered some scarfs but to be honest I quite like new look x

Well done, it has to be done sooner or later. I hope your son will see it this way too, it is hard on family to be honest. I wish you well for your treatment

Hiya .. Yes my 18yr son was the same . When at home I wore turbans ( ebay do them cheap and colourful) .. My son found it easier as classed as a fashion statement in our house 😁😁.I have managed so well to keep things as normal as poss .. Im coming to the end of 2nd chemo ( had 5mths remission) on caelyx and carbo so havent lost much hair just thinner so my son seems to have forgotten im a teal .. not sure if thats good?? !!!. Sounds like your doing a great job .😀😀😀😀keep it up . Suzanne xx

This is the biggest step along the chemo journey. Well done for taking it. Hopefully your son will come around soon. Xx. Maus

Well done to you as I know it must be a difficult thing to do...I didn’t and decided to try the cold cap but at the end of chemo I’m wearing a wig as it wasn’t worth it for the hair I still lost. So if I ever need chemo again I would definitely do the same as you, shave it off and be empowered!! 🙌

The hair loss is really hard I know (including the eyelashes as mine have gone completely now 😬) but it will grow back and soon this will be a distant memory, keep smiling 😊 Xx

My hair was coming out in handfuls which was so distressing- first time I fell apart since all this has happened so much better since I had my head shaved - would love to go out with nothing on my head but I have quite a bad scar due to a brain tumour- my youngest daughter was a bit distant so we went out shopping and for dinner and I asked her was there anything she wanted to ask me - after that she was fine x I think it’s very difficult for them to get their heads round it as we are normally their rocks xxx

Well done, it’s not the easiest thing to do but once it’s done you’re liberated. I’m sure you rock the look ❤️😍xx Jane

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