Dear Cancer, Thank you for...

Dear Cancer,

Thank you for taking all the hair off my head, making me feel freakish and self-conscious. In the wee hours of the morning when my bladder wakes me for one of it's urgent calls, I pass by a large mirror on the way to the bathroom. Imagine my fright when in the moonlit reflection I see only an old Uncle Fester in a pink nightie following me to the loo. Scares me every night!

Thank you too for taking my eyebrows and nearly all of my eyelashes so that the "sick with cancer" look is complete.

Finally, thank you for taking the hair on my arms, under my arms and from my lady bits to my knees.

What I don't understand is why you insist on leaving the hair that grows from my knees to my ankles - you know, the hair most visible when I wear a pair of shorts, capris, a skirt or a dress (you know, summer clothes) forcing me to shave all summer.

Was it just too much to go the distance and relieve me of this one pesky task while I go through chemotherapy?

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  • Oh that did make me laugh! I lost all my body and head hair during chemo last year, but my eyebrows clung on for dear life. Then at 8 weeks post-chemo, just as all my other hair was re-growing, my eyebrows waved the white flag and disappeared. No rhyme nor reason to it 😂

    Maybe you'll get lucky with your legs eventually. My leg hair was amongst the last of the hair to go.

  • Exactly the same for me and there I was boasting to everyone about my brows lol

  • Hi Almalyffe. I think you have other thing you can thank cancer for like saving on hair cuts shampoo and conditioner, short showers, and as for the lady bit no more bikini waxes.

    I look in the mirror and see overweight, bald and now I'm having trouble with my teeth the front ones are loose so toothless as well. more savings no tooth paste the list is long .

    The other night on one of my urgent calls I passed out in the hall way landed on my face biggest black eye and down side of my face, when my young grandson saw me the poor thing I thought he was going to pass out. Then I have someone say you look well.

    Counting my blessings wishes Lorraine xx

  • Made me laugh! 18 months after chemo still have no underarm hair??! Which is convenient if a little unnerving......

  • The Uncle Fester bit did it for me.. did make me laugh! I didn't have any hair at all. My face looked like porcelain.. yes thanks Cancer for making us bare all when we feel like crap anyway... Love Michelle x

  • Awh I can so relate to this. I was hairless apart from whiskers on my chin! I felt like cancer was changing my life for ever and even enjoying itself taking the p**s of me!

    Sandra xx

  • LittleSan, what is up with those Chin Whiskers? lol, they never did stop during my Chemo and seemed to increase with a vengeance.

    Alma, Once chemo was finished, no one warned me about all of the peach fuzz that I got to experience .... many of us have had to deal with that change as well. Enjoy your hairless freedom. :)

  • That was very funny !!

    Do you think we should take the mirrors down? Like you we have one on the way to the toilet. With the street light casting shadows I always looked so ghostly. Why do we look in it?!!

    If it helps my body hair has not really grown back properly. I'm 8 months post chemo. I now only need to shave legs and pits once a week. I see that as a blessing!!

    I do hope you are not suffering too much. Xx

  • Hahaha!! I had the same but in strips on each leg??? Now my hair is all growing back, the majority of it on my face, forehead, cheeks and all!!!:-0

  • Just like dieting. It never goes off the bits you want!

  • What a great sense of humour you have just what I needed today .

  • Wonderful! Got me chuckling. My hair started coming back and my face looks like a blooming lion! Preferred not having any, so much easier!!


  • Haha! Yeah, & thanks for making me pee all the time, or pass wind when I'm passing the biscuits round.

    Oh, & cutting my regular poo to just twice a week or so!! Much more convenient!

  • And did you get the runny nose from the loss of nose hairs? :)

  • Tinnitus from loss of ear hair? Doesn't come back by the way, hair in ear too frail. Tinnitus recedes but still lingers

  • Oh that did make me laugh, my hair fell out,just in time for Christmas,lashes and brows were the worst!

    But the funniest was my grandson,3 at the time,told his nursery teacher Nan had special medicine,now her hair has gone down the plug hole,she looks just like my Gramp (totally bald,shaved head) but like a bit pretty!!!!!

    Have to keep the humour.

    Best wishes



  • Thanks for making me laugh.

    I know the feeling. I have a mirror opposite my bed and sitting up every morning I had a fright.

    I found losing my eyelashes the worst . A bit of mascara always helps.

    Now my hair has grown back I find it a nuisance to have to wash and style it and really begrudge the cost of a hairdresser and therapist to trim my straggly eyebrows.

    Never satisfied😂

  • My hair has returned on my head, as well as a luxuriant moustache and fine beard. Our only mirror is in the bathroom, as we moved in shortly before my diagnosis and never got round to putting up more. I keep forgetting to comb my hair before I go out.

  • My hair was almost to my butt when diagnosed. I donated it prior to chemo. I don't know what type of skin color you have. If you use a eye brow pencil very lightly, and use a little on your eyelids this helped me. I wore baseball caps. With my teal cancer pin. I never wore wigs, but it is an option. I always wore earrings. I felt empowered, boy I sure got ready to go out fast. Just remember you are beautiful, hair doesn't make the person. Sending well wishes your way. Liz

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