shaving my head today

shaving my head today

3rd week after my first chemo session my hair started falling off, so saturday night i asked my sister to cut my hair short, then sunday, monday and today it's gotten really itchy and flaky I kept scratching and had sore spots all over, hairfall has gotten worse, so I asked my sister to shave it, can I put something liek cetaphil or lotion to keep it moisturized? should I shave it with a regular razor (the one we use for legs) to make it even?

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  • Hey Hgeroka!

    Fair play to you! I went and got it shaved in a hairdresser, she specialised in chemo hair loss and was doing my wig at the same time! I couldn't face doing it myself or getting anyone I knew to do it. I didn't use a razor on it after that it pretty much all fell out and the skin was relatively smooth! I used MooGoo scalp cream all the way through my chemo! It's all natural ingredients and it kept my scalp well moisturised all the way through!

    Hope you are getting through the Chemo ok!


  • thank you! I didn't want to pay $35 for getting my head shaved so I forced my sister to do it before she did her homework 😂 thanks! I'll look into moogoo scalp cream

  • Fair play to your sister! As others have said you are a very beautiful girl and look fab with and without hair!!


  • I like it. It suits your face. I asked my husband to shave mine with a shaver and he did a good job. I used henna and still do as it is natural. Good luck with everything. X

  • thank you so much!

  • It looks good! I also had my head shaved after 3 chemos, and felt much better for it. A hairdresser friend gave me some coconut hair oil to rub on my scalp - nice if you like the smell of coconut!

  • I'd deal with coconut smell than having this itchy itchy scalp, I couldn't even sleep well last night I was scratching too much. thanks!

  • It was recommended to me to use silk/satin pillowcases as my scalp was very tender. In fact I just spread a silk scarf I had over my pillow, and that helped.

  • Well done! Love your pictures.

    I have a set of small battery powered clippers that I use on my head, to keep my hair really short (or else bits grow through whilst some bits don't and it looks really straggley). I've got some special scalp oil made from natural ingredients too, but I'm sure a normal, gentle moisturiser would be just fine.

    How did you get on at your first chemo session? I hope it went OK for you.


  • my first chemo session was great, I did not have any side effects aside from my hair falling off, I was given Carbo, taxol, and avastin, I hope my second one on thursday is the same, I was told chemo accumulates and gets worse each time, I might lose my taste too, I hope not. thank you!

  • I hate to say that the after effects do seem to get worse with each treatment. At least they did for me. I've finished the 6th & final treatment (hopefully!) a week and a half ago & I'm still down. Just can't rally this time.

    The hair thing....I never had to have my head shaved again. The hair apparently has just kept on falling, just not as noticeable on pillows, furniture, etc.

    Not very encouraging, was I? Sorry...

  • What a beautiful girl! You carry the look so well. I just used my favourite moisturising cream and my scalp stayed healthy.

    Sandra x

  • thank you! I'll keep my scalp moisturized while on chemo too 😊

  • Your scalp could well be irritated from using a razor. I was advised to use baby shampoo on my scalp and moisturizer with a non-scented lotion. One session with the razor was all I needed ... The tiny amount of stubble fell out and I was as bald as a billiard ball until chemo finished. If the soreness persists, see a doctor. Take care. Xxx

  • thank you! I was using my cousin's baby shampoo too, lots of dry spots though so I put cetaphil too

  • You look lovely I am using palmers coconut oil it is paraben free and has really helped my itchy dry scalp.

    Ellsey xx

  • thank you! I will buy that today 😁

  • You should use clippers (an electric shaver) to do it. A razor will be painful. Clippers also do the job really evenly.

    You look awesome with a shaved head! :)

  • thank you! It felt soooo good while my head was being shaved 😁

  • Hi Hegorka

    I also went to the lady who also provided my wig for the shave. My head was a bit tender afterwards and I washed my scalp every day with a very mild shampoo and conditioner - Elave I think the product is called. I bought them in the pharmacy. I used coconut oil when the hair started to grow back as a conditioner.

    Good luck with the rest of your treatment - I hope you're doing ok.

    By the way, I have to say, you look stunning!!


  • thank you! I did fine the first treatment and going to have another one on thursday, I hope this goes like the first one, no side effects, but they said chemo accumulates and gets harder each time

  • My brother shaved my head after chemo 2 although I have to say I now prefer using unguarded clippers as my head has been spotty and sensitive during the 3 chemo sessions I have had so far and a full shave didn't help. I also use moisturiser on my scalp, really anything I'm using on my body.

  • using a regular moisturizer wouldn't affect hair growth when they start growing right? thanks!

  • I will give you a tip. If you find your hair follicles are sore, it usually means hair is ready to come out. Try gently pulling a few tufts. If they come away easily it's time for the sticky tape. Wrap seletope around your hands to form a bit of a fingerLess glove, with the sticky side up. Gently pat it on your hair and if it's ready, it will start to stick to the tape. It's bliss when it's coming off and soon your head will feel much better when the last of the hair is gone. Another thing is to get Silk pillow cases, a God send. They are around £30 from Dunelm for example or John Lewis .

    Hop that helps, Elaine X

  • thank you! yes they were coming out when I pulled them so I was pulling the hair on the itchy spots which I think made me look weird, everybody was against me shaving my head but I can't deal with it anymore

  • Gosh that's a fab tip! Thank you x

    I haven't been told that moisturiser will effect hair growth. X

  • I used electric clippers too as I thought razor might be too harsh, and I had a lot of dry scalp. The oncologist gave me a shampoo for the dry scalp and it did the job. By the way you look great xx

  • I'm going to ask mine for a shampoo or do a research, shaving my head made me feel so much better but is still very itchy

  • Lol, very envious of your pics.. I looked like gollum when mine went😄

    Good luck through chemo


  • thank you! ❤️

  • You look very pretty!my son shaved my head,we both cried! I didn't have any problems with my scalp but was advised Aveena cream is the best for any skin

    Carole xx

  • I was watching people on youtube shave their heads yesterday and I was crying, 😜 thank you!

  • Gosh you look so young but fair play for getting your hair cut and shaved. By doing this you are in control and not the chemo nor the Cancer. What Chemo are you on and for how long?

  • carbo,taxol, and avastin, atleast 6 months but the doctor said we'll see because I have clear cell and it may or might not respond to the chemo, so he might do a different set if this does not work, I hope it works though

  • you are a beautiful, brave young lady xx

  • thank you!! ❤️

  • Great pics,very pretty suits you,good luck with your treatment.xx

  • thank you!! ❤️

  • Hi there. First of all you are so pretty either with or without hair . I did get my hair shaved just before second chemo at the same shop where I got fitted for a wig. The girl recommended Bio Oil for my scalp and it was great. I would rub it on my scalp at night and just bring it on to my face . No itch and my skin never looked better .

    I just want to wish you all the best with your treatment. You are a brave young lady who has the right attitude . You are in very good caring company here and there is also a link for young women. Take care


  • thank you! I was using cetaphil yeaterday and eucerin today, might do some experimenting since the first two doesn't work well for my scalp I think, it's still sooooo itchy and flaky, thank you so much! 😊

  • Just a thought but you say your scalp is itchy and flaky, do you have a rash at all? when I shaved mine I ended up with infected follicles and needed antibiotics.

  • Hi Hgeroka

    I did a little more reading about sensitive scalp due to chemo. It would appear that some women's scalps are extra sensitive and itchy and sore as a result . I never had a hint of this . My nurse told me that they could accurately predict that my hair would start to fall out around the time of my second chemo three weeks later. She advised me to get fitted for my wig after the first chemo and have it shaved just before the second one. I took her advice and went along to the wig fitter hairdresser who shaved my head and gave me my perfect wig at the same time.. On the way there I just tugged at my still full head of hair and a large tuft came away in my hand !

    She wS the one who recommended bio oil but it was not as a cure for itchy scalp as I never had that . You my need to show it to the doctors or nurses who may be able to prescribe special creams and give advice as to how to relieve the itch. Some people can develop extra sensitivity so it's worth while checking with the experts . Also for shampooing I came across using shampoo for baby's Cradle Cap which would be very mild. That may be an answer but as I said I am not an expert as I obviously have a tough old head ! The advice of using silk or satin pillows is given everywhere. Another one was cooling your head with an ice pack.,

    A pretty girl like you can definitely rock the Sinead O'Connor look with pride ! You do not not even need a wig . I had to have one as I just looked like a bad version of a brother who is already bald.

    Anyway my dear I will just finish by saying just get expert advice first before it gets out of control . You may always have had dry scalp or it has just developed . There will be a solution. You need one less discomfort when you are getting treatment. The very best of luck and keep in touch.


  • Hi Higeroka. You look real cute. I am glad your first chemo went well. My daughter just shaved her hair a few days ago ,,She had only one chemo treatment and her hair was already falling out so she shaved it with electric shaver that is designed to shave and clip hair. It's like the ones barbers use. She is using coconut oilin her head while in the the house and a sunscreen when she goes outside. She had cut her very long hair short 2 months before her chemo and gave the hair to Locks Of Love. It will be made into wigs for cancer patients. Hope you continue to do well with your treatments.

  • I wanted to donate my hair too as it was very long and healthy, although my sister ruined it she couldn't cut straight so she had to cut and cut by bits, goodluck on her treatment too, we'll all get through this 😊

  • Yes Hgeroka. We will all get thru this together. Keep in touch . Sending you blessings and hugs.

  • You are beautiful!

  • thank you❤️❤️

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