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Updated ... Need your help .. Raising Money for a few charities .Sorry for upset :-(

Updated ... Need your help .. Raising Money for a few charities .Sorry for upset :-(

Hi Folks .. Just a quick one today , I've decided as i'm going to lose my hair again due to treatment , i am going to do a sponsored shave on evening of 17th March for Target Ovarian Cancer , while i am working might i add , need to remember and pack my wig that night lol , if anyone would like to donate please follow the link below .. Thanks xx

So sorry .. Due to it being point out that Ovacome is a charity too i am going to divide the money i raise between Target and Ovacome ... only felt this was right as i have had a load of help from everyone on this site , sorry for not thinking of this in the first plac i really didn't want to upset anyone .. :-(

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Hi Sharon,

This is a very good idea....but could I suggest that as you are using the Ovacome website to promote this.... could you perhaps also give a donation from the money you raise to Ovacome?

Ovacome is a charity that is invaluable to all of us and they are a very small charity that relies heavily on fundraising themselves.

Best wishes love x G x :-)


No probs definitely , Gwyn . i'm doing 2 , 1 online and 1 on sponsor sheets actually at club .. , will divide it between the 2 xx


Cheers for that Sharon it will be greatly appreciated by both charities love x G x :-)



This is a fabulous idea ,I hope you are feeling as well as can be expected and that married life is going well.

Good luck with the rest of your treatment

Charlie xx


Hi Sharon, I am glad this has been sorted out. I know you appreciate the support that we all get on here. Good luck in your fundraising venture

Love Wendy xx


I certainly do Wendy xx


Hi there Sharon ,

Great idea and good luck with your fund raising night on the 17th of March ..St Paticks day ..lets hope every one will bring lots of cash and sponsor you xxx

Love Jan xxxxx


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