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What has happened so far

when I was pregnant back in 2007 at the second scan it was discovered I had a dermoid cyst around 4mm in size, the sonographer said nothing to worry about just leave it until after you have had the baby. At my six week check up I mentioned it to the doctor who sent me for a scan where it was confirmed to still be there. I went to see a gynaecologist in December 2007 and they scheduled the op for February, afterwards I had a letter to say it was benign. Recently my periods were getting quite heavy and we had been trying for another baby for around a year so at my smear test in January I mentioned it to the nurse who said I should see the doctor. I stressed about it for a couple of months and plucked up the courage to see the doctor who advised me to have a scan. Yesterday (11/04/11) I went for my scan which revealed a large cyst (6.5cm) I asked it was cancerous and she said she could not tell, the only thing she could say was that it had no fluid in it and she could not notice a base. She told me to wait outside and she would ring a consultant at the hospital who would take a look. I went to sit with my husband feeling very worried, he reassured me as he is amazing and she came out to tell me the consultant will see me on Friday morning and do the scan again to see what she thinks. For the last couple of weeks I have had pain in my side like a stitch and lower down like period pains which is worse when I go to the toilet for either. Ever since the scan I have been in more pain than the last week, feeling sick from time to time and my stomach feels huge on that side. If any of you have experienced anything like what I have and may know what will happen with the consultant please contact me. I feel stressed out and worried, everywhere I look for advice all I can see is the 'silent killer'. I am looking forward to reading your stories and hearing from you all. Clare x

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Hi Clare,

"Ever since the scan I have been in more pain than the last week, feeling sick from time to time and my stomach feels huge on that side." I am a therapist in my professional life, and all I can say is; of course you are/do. These symptoms are very likely to be psychosomatic (to arise out of your fear, rather than a physical reality). I'm afraid you just have to get through to diagnosis - but hopefully your visit on Friday will get you nearer to this.

The 'symptoms' of ovarian cancer are SO unreliable: I imagined that my bloated feelings, back and pelvic aches and pains, etc would go after operation and treatment. I've been cancer free since ending chemo 20 months ago - but all the things I had thought might turn out to have been 'symptoms' are still with me; some worse!!

VERY best wishes and hoping for good news for you very soon.



Sorry you misunderstood I meant the pain had been worse after the scan but when she got to the area of the cyst I got a sharp shooting pain downstairs so I think it must have agitated it. I already had the other symptoms but on the plus side I have only had them a couple of weeks. I do have some medical knowledge from working in hospitals and pathology and I know that the some forms of chemo and meds can cause bloated feelings etc. Thanks for sharing your experience, I hope you will be feeling better soon xx


It could be you have fluid in your abdomen called ascities. This was my main symptom and they drained about 7 litres of fluid off we which has made me much more comfortable. I still suffer with cramping (its feels like period pains) and I suffer with constipation and I urinate quite frequently but I can live with that. I was in a lot more pain after the drain but it turned out I had a UTI and the pain cleared up when I finished the course of antibiotics.


Do you think they would have mentioned the fluid at the scan with the radiographer? She only mentioned the cyst and that she did not know anything and I should wait for the consultant. When I had a benign cyst the assistant said what it was and that it was very common and I shouldn't worry, it was only 4mm when it was discovered whereas this time it is 6.5cm. Last time it was about 7-10cm, sorry can't remember exactly and I didn't have any symptoms at all, unlike this time.


My experience has been that the radiographers don't say anything they leave it to my consultant to explain but it might be worth asking what they think has caused the bloating unless you already know but I'm glad to read its not cancer but I feel your sadness about not having more kids and going through the menopause.


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