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Making it through debulking surgery. It's been tough but so far, so good 👍


Hello ladies. I joined this great community after diagnosis of stage 3c ovarian cancer in March this year. As a nurse I was petrified at the thought of going to theatre for debulking surgery, a possible stoma plus removal of any other bits. A little knowledge is a bad thing sometimes and I overanalysed every bit of the journey. Anyway I spent the first night in ITU and have then spent four days on a ward. A stoma wasn't needed and the surgeons spent five hours 'scraping' away cancerous areas which three doses of chemo had shrunk down. I feel like a frail, old bird (I'm only 50) but hope that over the next few weeks I'll get stronger and start to feel better. Our wonderful daughters who are 10 and 14 have yet again amazed us with their strength and resilience. I'm not sure there's more you can do in situations like this apart from support each other and accept help from lovely friends and family. Whatever the future holds, just knowing we have the support and love of others around us is a great source of comfort. Keep battling all you amazing ladies xx

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HI. Don't forget we are here to support you too..take care Lorrainexx

Congrats for making it through your operation. Did you get the plasma jet, too?

Daughters come in handy for attending to our many needs at this point. Bringing us fresh water, finding items that might whet our appetites, etc.

Family is very helpful, especially when you need to relax and let others take care of household chores!

You get a little rest now, and then back to round 4 of Chemo.

Best wishes,


sticky3006 in reply to Lindaura

Hello Laura, I didn't opt for the plasmajet in the end as I think I felt in safe hands at my own hospital with two surgeons who have great reputations. Now for a slow and steady recovery hopefully x

Glad you now have the op behind you and hope it wasnt as bad as you feared. Time for some rest now to rebuild yr strength. Dont push yourself now, be kind to yourself and you will hopefully reap the benefit xx


Wishing you all the best in your recovery ❤️

Hello there

Good to know you’ve found this wonderful site and that you are doing well since your surgery, it’s such a shock on diagnosis but somehow we dig deep and face it head on! Things will get easier and it sounds like you’ve recovered well from the op. I’m also on chemo and haven’t found the carbo:taxol that bad at all, a bit tired now and nauseous but I’m on cycle 5 and 1 more to go so the end is in sight!

We are similar ages (I’m 49) and I have kids who have also been so resilient!! It sounds like you have a great support network of friend and family around which definitely helps. Anyway I just wanted to send you my best wishes with your ongoing recovery and hope you sail through the end of chemo, you can do this!! 💖💖💖

Liz Xx

Hi sticky--I always prided myself on being fit and having strength and working out and blah blah blah and then I had debulking surgery and oh my goodness---after, when they told me I had to get up and walk around the hospital floor at least 10 times a day (with catheter, 4 or 5 attachments of fluids, etc.) I tried VERY HARD to say NO! I could not move, let alone walk 5 feet. Well, I did the walk (a site watching all these debulked women acting out a race car kind of scene with their machines attached walking around the floor, passing one another as they got better)--and kept doing it (poor lady who shared a room with me was not doing so well and she walked a lot more than I and each time she would leave the room to walk she would "gently and sweetly" chide me that I am younger (she was late 70s me early 60s) and get up and walk! Each day, my hubby and kids (boys in their 20s) told me how much better I looked than the day before and I just thought everyone was lying. But it's true--I was getting better and better and although I did not believe it, I ended up being as strong--if not stronger--when I recovered. Even pushed my doc to let me go swimming in 4 weeks when he kept insisting 6 weeks was the minimum amount of time to start again (I won! but I had to go slowly). So I hear you, and I empathize with you and wanted to give you encouragement that this too shall pass. oxoxox Judy

Hi Sticky, welcome to the forum! I am so similar to you...a nurse, diagnosed a year behind you (March 17) and debulking op (5 hours) just a year ago with 2 excellent surgeons. I found being a patient very strange indeed! I struggled with some post op the epidural (4 days!), Tramadol (saw furry animals under the bed!) & horrid NG tube! The nurse said I could eat and it was too soon! 😐 Why didn’t I remember my own training of slowly, slowly? I’m telling you these things to make you smile 🙂 I made a good recovery once home, then more chemo, then Avastin. I’ve just had no 16 out of 18 Avastin infusions.

I still feel a bit creaky (I am 59) but SO glad to be alive & doing as much as possible, appreciating family, friends, everything ❣️

I really feel for your daughters, they are so young to face this...but it’s amazing how well they cope & want to help etc.

Wishing you an excellent post-op convalescence/recovery in this glorious sunshine. Best wishes, Linda xoxo 🌸🌺⛱🔆

What a lovely positive post. So pleased the op is over and you didn't need a Stoma. I know the relief you must feel. I was marked up in two places when I had my op, eleven years ago, and the first thing I asked on coming round was, "have I got a bag?". I hadn't needed one in either place, thankfully. I so admire the ladies on here who cope with them. 👏Hope you quickly recover, surrounded by lovely family and friends. You'll soon feel stronger but slowly does it for a few weeks. Keep smiling. Love, Solange 😊

That's one major milestone passed, Sticky. Now to take things very slowly, as Linda mentioned, have the last few chemos and then start breathing again. Glad your kids are still holding up.

Apparently the surgeons did a whole lot of scraping during my surgery as well; sounds creepy, doesn't it.. . like a bunch of kids in a sandbox that is your abdomen. But hey.. no stoma. :)

Did you receive the pathology results yet?

All the best. Maus

Another milestone out of the way . As an Oncology nurse & with 3c , I know what you mean about a little knowledge ! ! It’s so strange being on the other side . Lovely that you are sustained by the love & support of family and friends and I wish you a steady recovery . You will do it 💐

Mary x

Thank you for the messages ladies. It's been a rough couple of days. I've had terrible loose stools which has had me dashing to the loo none stop. Hardly any sleep last night due to toilet visits. All exhausting. I'm going to stick to a 'stodgy" diet today in the hope this will help x

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