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Ebay Charity donations

I have just discovered that it is possible to donate to charities through EBay. As a regular user of Ebay, i think this is a great way of supporting a charity without any real time or effort. I have found a great deal of support from Ovacome personally over the last 2 years, so was delighted that you are a charity which i can support so easily. i know many of the ladies on here are extremely grateful for the support they gain on here which is not that readily available elsewhere. I have now chosen Ovacome as my charity on EBay. So when I sell something, a percentage will be donated, from the sale. I think this is an excellent way to donate, so I thought I would share this with the ladies on the site, and maybe other members who are ebay users will do the same. It is very easy to set up and you can choose the percentage you donate, with the minimum being £1.00. You can also increase the percentage donated by Gift Aid, if you are in a position to do so.

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Hi Tracy,

Thank you for bringing this to our notice, best wishes love x G x :-)


Dear Tracy

What a brilliant idea. I don't use e-bay myself but would be happy to send some very good items if they could be sold with all the profits going to Ovacome.

This gives me an idea. Perhaps we can have an online car boot sale, advertising items we have for sale and inviting offers from members with the item passing hands for an appropriate donation to Ovacome.

Anyone with me on this? Gwyn too has had a super idea of Marching in March.

My head is reeling with ideas today. Thanks ladies!

Love Annie xxx


Annie, I think that would be a great idea too, and maybe one of the ova come administrators could help out with setting up an online for sale area on the website. They may also need to confirm there are no legal implications in doing that, but everyone has something to sell so how nice that we can raise money for such a worthy cause and give a little back :)


well I think all we'd have to do is to agree a tag for the car-boot sale, e.g. 'car-boot sale', then anyone could post up a pic of what they'd like to donate in a blog and the asking price (plus post/carriage) and then we could bid in the threads below the blog and the highest bidder wins. It would be easy to pull up all the Car Boot Items because if they had the same title they'd all come up in the search for 'Car-Boot Sale' so there wouldn't be an issue of blogs disappearing from site.

Ruth Grigg would advise us if there are any legal implications as she's really experienced at fundraising but I can't imagine what legal issues there would be.

There are logistics to consider as to how the funds are donated to Ovacome. I would imagine that is a matter of trust between 'sellers' and 'buyers' on the site and that the buyer pledges to send or make a Donation via phone to Ovacome on receipt of the item. Ovacome always send an email receipt so this could be sent to 'buyer' and 'seller' for items over £20. I only suggest this figure to avoid too much work for the small team at the Ovacome Office.

I've already thought of things I could donate - 3 recorders little used and still in their carry cases in my loft - descant, piccolo, and treble. I think the value would total in excess of £20. I can also offer an Ikea Wooden High Chair - perfect condition and ideal for young visitors. I don't suppose anyone would be interested in a wooden Davos-type toboggan and wooden stilts - also in the Attic.

mmm perhaps we should use the tag 'Cash in the Attic'.

Does anyone else think this might be viable to raise funds for Ovacome and have a bit of fun ourselves? I'd certainly put in a tenner for one of Linda's (Tweetingasme) pots of home-made marmelade.

Would love to hear from you lovely ladies.

xxx love Annie


I apologise about hogging your blog but I've just had another thought.

The 'Cash in the Attic' could include a 'wanted' element so that those of us who are looking for things could also advertise.



I think it is a great idea (no problem with you hogging the blog!) :) a lot of us benefit from the site in one way or another, and im sure everyone would like to give a little back to support the charity and ensure many more ladies have this support there in the future. Not everyone is able to make a sizeable donation, but every £1.00 makes a difference, so I think if people can donate small amounts in such simple ways, it all helps :) I would like to offer more volunteer support, but as a "fairly" young Mum, working full time and also starting my own seperate business and studying a degree, volunteer work at the moment is not really an option! But i have been trying to find ways I can make a difference, hence I discovered i can donate through Ebay. So I think your "cash in the attic" idea would work well, so hopefully Ruth or one of the other Ovacome ladies can offer some support in setting it up.


Dear Tracy

Thanks for supporting the idea. I think it compliments your e-bay idea and some of us may well have things that we wouldn't sell on e-bay but may be interested in 'donating' to a good cause.

I hugely admire what you're achieving. How you manage to bring up young children, study for a degree and start a business whilst coping with everything Ovarian Cancer throws at you I just can't imagine. I have only started voluntary work since my children went to university and I had the time. That's probably a long way off for you.

For various reasons many of us aren't able to do much to 'give a little back'. I have some spare capacity at the moment because I retired through ill-health at the end of January and it's good to have my interests in Ovacome whilst I have the energy. So many of us have a very short window to do anything because the disease hits us for six. Perhaps that's one of the reasons Ovarian Cancer remains one of the less well-known. It takes its own campaigners!

I'll see what other comments there are and if it looks as though people like the idea will get in touch with Ovacome.

love Annie xx



You can also put something on eBay as a complete charity auction. We have done this several times, with only the post and packaging costs coming to us, all he rest going to ovacome. There is a way of showing it on the auction so buyers know it is a charity auction, I don't know how to do hat, as its my husband t has the eBay account, so I let him gt on with it. I assume it is a very simple process though.



Hi Chris, thanks for the reply :) yes you are right, you actually choose the percentage donation you would like to make, anything from 10 to 100%, with a minimum value of £1.00. Just to follow up on your reply, when you register to donate money to a charity (it's all done through Ebays charity administrators and Paypal) they actually put a "ribbon" on your sale advert, and when prospective buyers open the ad, they see at the top of the page, the details of the charity the seller has selected to donate to. So when people open my advert, they see the Ovacome logo and a 3 - 4 line summary of what the charity is about, which is lovely as if nothing else, everyone who open the advert is suddenly made aware of the charity, which is excellent! I believe also that Ebay reduce their selling charges by the percentage that you have donated to the charity, so if you donate 30%, they reduce your selling costs by the same amount. I also like Annie's idea of an "online swapshop" (sorry Annie, not sure what else to title it as!") but I think that would work well. I think all the ladies on here (and I believe there are occasionally a few men too looking for support) would be trustworthy enough to donate an agreed sum, so if it was kept to a members exchange it could be really worthwhile. I think it is a real credit to Ovacome that its members are able to "chat" in such ways and try and make a difference to it. It shows the value that everyone finds in this site. :)


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