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What next for me

Well It looks like the Doxil/ avastin mix is not working for me my Ca125 has gone up to 11,000 I was diagnosed 3c in 2015 and did taxol/ carbo then gemzer/ carbo then zejula and now dioxin/ avastin .. Doc said I have 6 to 8 months if I do nothing and he is suggesting maybe weekly taxol again, no real trials . I want more choices is anyone on an immunotherapy trial.. I am high grade 3c pdl neg Braca neg . Its been a little over 2half years on this journey and I have done so many treatments already . Scary stuff.

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Hi sandirara I’m sorry to hear your troubles xx

I’m currently on a trial at the Christie in Manchester

I am BRCA negative, platinum resistant on my first recurrence 4 months from successful first line chemo

The trial is called CEBOC

Not sure if this would be suitable for you and not sure where you’re based x

Keep on trying sweetie something will come up and let us know how you’re doing xx



Dear sandirara

I can see from your profile that you're based in the US - I'm afraid I don't know enough about the US healthcare system to advise you fully as to the processes, but you could look at the Clinical website which is a US-based site listing worldwide clinical trials. You can search under ovarian cancer. The link is as follows:

You could then have a conversation with your oncologist about possible trials or referral to a larger oncology centre which may be running trials? There is information on asking for a second opinion in the pinned post to the right side of the page. It is written from the point of view of a UK-based system but much of their information will be relevant for the US too.

I hope this information is helpful.

Best wishes


Ovacome Support Service Manager


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