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Hi everyone, hope you all have a good long weekend and that you are feeling positive.

I'm wondering what would be best for me for fifth line treatment. Being 3c high grade serous diagnosed early 2013, I see the oncologist 23 May by which time I should find out if I'm braca1/2. This would open up other options for treatment. However if I'm negative I have been offered weekly taxol, tamoxifen, carbo or do nothing. Taxol offers a 30% chance of having any effect at all. Taxol is the best option according to the oncologist although he thought it was not a good idea in March as my performance status was poor. Since then I have been trying to improve my stamina.

Any suggestions from you wise women? Warm regards Carole H 😊

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  • I know some hospitals are offering PARP inhibitors for non BRCA patients. Maybe that's an option?

    LA xx

  • Hi Lilly-Anne, I thought they would only offer PARP inhibitors if you are BRCA positive. That's hope for us BRCA negative ladies. I know there is a lot of treatments available but have heard great things about PARP inhibitors. I will mentioned this when I see my onc next month. I do get confused by my onc's they contradict each other when I ask questions like this one.

    I took part in the 100,000 Genomes Project last year. I received a letter a few weeks a go stating that some of the results are starting to come back to those that took part. Just wandered if any of our lovely ladies on here have had their results yet? I phoned my hospital which is taking part in this but they told me to talk to my onc. I did but they knew less than I did. Take care Cindyxx

  • There are a few hospitals trialling this for line 3 onwards. My oncologist mentioned it

    LA xx

  • Hi Lily-Anne, that's great news I am on my tiird line right now & I am sure others on here will be pleased to hear about inhibitors. My onc's doesn't volunteer information unless you keep nagging them about it. I will be defiantly brining this subject to their attention. Thank u for the information take care Cindyxx

  • Hi. I've just finished weekly taxol which has held things at nay but some tumours have grown. The oncologist mentioned etoposide, which has had good results. Taxol was an easy regime to start with but the effects (fatigue mainly) gradually got worse and I finished at 15 doses. I had the cold cap so didn't lose my hair and I took ice for my hands to help with neuropathy as I had some already from previous treatment.

  • Thanks for your input Lesley. I now have a couple of things to think about before my appointment. 😊

  • I coped with weekly Taxol to the end of the course, & my hair only thinned, even though I didn't use cold cap. I've also had Tamoxifen, & 2 other types of hormone therapy, Arimidex & exemestane, which had some effect for me. Di

  • Thanks Di. I'll add those to the list to discuss at my appointment. Carole 😊

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