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Thank you for your replies!

To everyone who replied to my post,

Thank you so much for your advices and good words.😉 It is so reassuring to know that I’m (and were) not alone in this scary process.

Although I still don’t know the cancer grade and have to wait to see my oncologist to get more info, I understand that having only 3 cycles of chemo (with carboplatin alone so I could go thru the process with less secondary effects) could be a possibility, which is helping me imagining a softer issue or scenario.

Maybe another question for those of you who have also been diagnosed at stage 1A and had chemo treatment: did the cancer came back and how did it go with the side effects (eg., tiredness, nauseas, etc)?

Thank you so much for your time and help😉

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Hi Coconut,

I'm sorry I missed your reply.

Do write a list of all the questions you have for your oncologist- I used to leave a pad out on the side and just add things as they came into my head. The day before, I would go through and write out a definitive list. You can also ask to record the meeting if this helps as there's always a lot to take in.

I had 6 x carboplatin (1c grade 1 mucinous) and finished 5 years ago. I have been really fortunate to have NED (no evidence of disease) since.

You won't lose your hair with Carboplatin and it is also very unlikely that you will have the peripheral neuropathy which can be associated with Taxol.

Chemo affects people differently though and there isn't a great deal of rhyme or reason to it sometimes. I've known people who have worked throughout, some who have been really badly affected by fatigue and the majority somewhere in between!

What you will find is that you'll work out your own pattern. Its a good idea to keep a simple diary through the first cycle.

There are lots of previous posts with great tips which you can find by using the search box (top right)

Do watch out for constipation as this is likely. There's lots of advice about this amongst the tips but definitely best to have a plan beforehand.... drinking water is really important along with trying to get up and about when you can.

I was terrified by the prospect of chemo. I think fear of the unknown is incredibly powerful (once you're dealing with something concrete, it becomes a lot easier to manage) and do remember, most of us here found our own way through chemo and there's no reason to doubt that you won't do the same!

Be kind to yourself, trust what works for you.

Wishing you hope and strength, Sx


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