thank you!!

Thank to all of you for your wonderful supportive comments. I am just so thrilled at winning. If you seen my nterview when i was told i had won, you will know that i dedicated it to all ovarian cancer sufferers, as the award belongs to all of us. I hope that I have made a difference and that ovarian cancer the disease will never be in the dark again. Will keep you all posted about my big night in london!!I certainly will be plugging ovarian cancers awful profile and trying to boost the ovarian cancer chartities who support us so well.You never know might squeeze some money out of them and donations !!!! xx

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  • Looking forward to watching, enjoy yourself in London best wishes love x G x

  • Yes you have put OC in the light and may that light shine brightly on your big night.

    Dee xx

  • Dear Una, Enjoy your much-deserved evening. What's the format for the evening? Will you have do do another talk? If so hope it's at the start so you can get it done and enjoy every moment. Where will it take place?

    It would be a great opportunity to mention all the ovarian cancer charities too. I spent quite a bit of time explaining everything they do for us. Sometimes I think government and organisations under-estimate their amazing work. xx Annie

  • AS yet, dont know what the format is. Dont even know the travel arrangements yet!! I think its held in the grovenor hotel in London and I think it is being aired next tuesday on t.v. x

  • I shall be thinking of you. A group of us are meeting up in York next week so I'll take along my copy of your CD to play and we'll think of you on your big night. The Grosvenor House is impressive! Hope you're flying first-class too. xxxx Love and enjoy next week! xxxx Annie

  • Well done Una! You have done so wonderfully with such a rubbish hand that you were dealt. Have a brilliant time in London. You are a truly remarkable woman.

    Love Wendy xx

  • Dear Una. Well done on winning the award. I have been listening to a clip from your album thanks to Gwyn. Where can I buy this beautiful album? I have looked on iTunes and Amazon but it's not there.

    Enjoy your weekend in London.

    Love and cwtches ( cuddles. )

    Jean. Xxxxxx

  • Hi there .. I sent Una a message .. I'm buying it too .. Live Tina x x

  • I just don't know where to buy it. It sounds a lovely CD. XXXXX

  • Hi Jean if you send Una a pm she will send you the details as that is how I bought it a while ago now though.

    Love x G x

  • Hi Gwyn. I have now PM'd Una. Thanks love Jean. Xxxx

  • Dear Jean. If you send me your name and address,then I will post my c.d. to you.This c.d. is something I made happen and I would not have been able to raise enough money to get it made in bulk to be sold on amazon e.t.c. The c.d. costs £10 plus £2.00 postage and packing.When you get it, just post me a cheque for £12 and make it out to N.I. hospice. It has already raised £31,500 to date.I hope that is o.k. xxUnaI am posting Tinas c.d. in the morning.

  • Dear Una, well done, enjoy your stay in London and thank you for highlighting our disease to the whole of Britain.

    Love Ally xx

  • My wife reads this site and has ov cancer she so brave and I love her so much

  • Big congratulations

    LA xx

  • Una, you are inspirational , thank you for your constant work to keep OC out of the dark... Enjoy your well deserved day.. Your lifting the spirts of us all. Xxxx

  • Una congratulations. What a wonderful achievement . We are all so proud of you.

    Ally xx

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