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Thank you all for your replies, do look at having the shingles vaccination


HI My Friends, first I would like to thank you all for your replies to my passing out on the toilet post, a couple of days later I got shingles I did not know about this trouble painful disease, If you have had chickenpox you have the virus in your body and when your immune system is very low you can develop shingle, especially ladies like us on chemo.

I now know you can have a vaccination do talk to your DR to see if you should have it.....Please take care everyone Lot of love Lorraine xx

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I understand shingles is very painful. How are you feeling? Good old OC dishing out these extra little treats.

There’s a poster about the vaccine at our surgery but says over 70’s only. No idea why it’s age restricted, would be really interested if anyone knows

LA xx

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Hi Lilly-Anne..Its free for those that are over 70 the others have to pay .. I think about $300plus but maybe you could claim back on private health.

Hi LA. Hope you are recovering slowly but surely 🌼🌸

Shingles - I used to work in a GP surgery - My understanding is that statically over 70s (over 80s even more so) are more prone to shingles, due to their immune systems not being as robust as younger people. It will be gradually offered to more age groups (either side of 70). I think finance is part of the equation, as always! It’s always good for us (OC) to have the flu jab. The problem with both shingles & pneumonia vaccines is that I believe it is a live vaccine for both and therefore NOT suitable for anyone on chemo, only in remission...(with good white cell counts). Lxx

Hope you feel better than you did lovely. Wishing you well. I've got a "virus" on my back. GP said it's a virus and I'm on pills for four months. It doesn't itch but hurts a bit when I lay on that side, but it is getting a bit better now after 3 weeks of pills. I showed the oncologist yesterday and he said it wasn't cancer or chemo related and that GP was right, it's a virus. You've made me wonder now. Take care. Love and hugs xxxxxx

I had shingles during my Avastin course. I was very lucky that it was mild and only on my arm - it was painful though. I was prescribed oral Aciclovir which sorted it quite quickly. As Lily-Anne says, the vaccine is offered in England, but you have to be a certain age - I think, also that it is a live vaccine so not appropriate for anyone on chemo. Not sure if they would make an exception for cancer sufferers who were in remission. There has always been a bit of confusion about who can get shingles and if you can get it twice.

I hope things are sorting themselves out for you Lorraine, love Ali x

Getting the shingles vaccine on the NHS is a task not to be undertaken lightly. You can have if your're more than 69 and less than 71, as long as the moon is full. I was determined to get it as soon as I was first diagnosed, because I remembered how badly my ma suffered when she got it in her last months with OC. At first I wasn't old enough. Then I was on chemo so I couldn't have it. Then I wasn't on chemo but I had skipped out of the dates. Eventually I managed to impose my will on the practice nurse and got it, just in time to recur. Pwhew!

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For goodness sake! Eye of a needle...

I am 71 1/6. I out of date now for the injection I wonder... ?

However I think I might enquire at the surgery as my nan had shingles towards the end of her life and she really suffered, so if we can avoid that one it's worth pursuing.

Thanks for the info, though it's mind boggling!


Hi Janet, yes worth pursuing but just to say (having being on a study day about this when I was working in a GP surgery), the vaccine may not prevent shingles totally... but it will definitely be less severe and recovery from pain is quicker/long term pain may be prevented. I am going to ask too (not in age range). Linda xoxo

Hi when i went for my flu jab last year,they gave me my shingle vaccine,i was 78yrs old .take care you lovely ladies.shortie x

Sorry you got the shingles, its a horrible dose, hope you are feeling better every day best wishes

Hi everyone. Let me try to clear up some of the statements in this thread, around shingles vaccination. For full disclosure: I work for the company that makes a recently approved (e. g. in EU, US) shingles vaccine, Sh*ngrix. Albeit in IT, with no medical background (and no commercial interest!) , I can at least point y'all to some useful information. It's my own view not company view etc etc.

To my knowledge and understanding, there are now two different shingles vaccines approved in various countries: Z*stavax and Sh*ngrix. One is a 'live' vaccine, one is not (impacts who can have it e. g. if you suffer from cancer and/or are undergoing chemo).

At least the latter (if not both) has been approved in the EU/US for adults aged 50 and over, but whether the NHS or your insurance covers the costs, and when it will be available in your country you'll have to inquire about individually with your gp (it might not be covered, or only above a certain age e. g. 70) . Also check with your gp whether and which shingles vaccines is suitable for you in the first place, ofc.

More information from as neutral a source as I could find:

US (cdc) :

UK (nhs, not reflecting the new vaccine yet) :

xx, Maus

I'm glad you are finally feeling a bit better, Lorraine. Fingers crossed for the scan. Hugs, Maus

Gosh Lorraine - I am glad you are feeling a bit better now. I hope everything gets back to normal for you. Vicki x

Lorraine--can you have the vaccination if you already had shingles? I had it once and if there was a way to make sure it never happened again, I would do it in a second! (Wonder why it was not recommended at Memorial Sloan--they won't let me leave before my annual flu shot (and pneumonia vaccine).

I hope you are doing OK and all pains from the fall are gone or going (the knee?)

oxox Judy

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Judy, it should be possible to get vaccinated even after you already experienced one bout of shingles. As far as I've read, you need to wait a bit until a current affliction has subsided, but vaccination will then help to prevent a potential second occurrence (although that is apparently less likely than the first one).

Your gp should be able to validate that. Xx. Maus

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I haven't been to my gp since diagnosis two years ago! I think I will make an appt. Thanks! oxox

I’ve had shingles three times. Twice before I had cancer and once since finishing treatment. It has never been suggested by my doctor that I have the vaccination. Usually the NHS will only give it to the over 70s.

It's confirmed. I have Zona (shingles) but am lucky that's it's not severe. No-one ever mentioned the high risk. I wonder what else is coming along. Hope you are feeling a lot better Lorraine. I was watching a programme about the severe storms in north Australia that happen every year. Jeez. Madness in the sky. A thousand lightning strikes an hour and fire spirals reaching a hundred metres into the sky. Frightened the poop out of me. xxxxxx


Thanks for the tip. I've put it on the list for my next GP appointment. In return, I've come across connections between shingles and neuropathy you may find useful....

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