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Hi ladies

I cannot tell you how supportive all your posts have been for me.. At first I was scared when I read them because there was so much I didn't know about OC, and it was overwhelming. But, not now. I was diagnosed with OC Stage 3C, had 9 rounds of chemo (Carbo/Paxil) debulking surgery, and am having my second chemo of 9 more tomorrow. My CA125 has gone from 16,000 to 52 so I am feeling hopeful. I am on my own (but lots of support from family and friends), but feel alone and depressed at times living with OC. I live in Vancouver, Canada, but I find this support website so much better than my Canadian support website. My last chemo was tough on me. I had sheer exhaustion by the 3rd day. I'm hoping tomorrow's is better. Did anyone find it tougher doing chemo after surgery than before? Thank you all so much for 'being there' It has meant a lot to me. Kim xo

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  • Hey Kim,

    How lovely to hear from you. The ladies here are so knowledgeable and welcoming.

    My chemo pattern is a bit different to yours (3 carbo/docetaxel, surgery, then 3 more carbo/docetaxel), but I have just had no. 5 on Friday and I am soooo tired! I have literally spent the whole day sleeping today. I know exactly what you are going through. It's tough going, isn't it?!

    Hope tomorrow is better for you (and me - haha!).

    Yoshbosh x

    PS have wonderful memories of a 'pre-kids' trip to Canada, travelling from Calgary to Vancouver. You live in a beautiful part of the world.

  • Thanks Yoshbosh. I'm glad you enjoyed Vancouver. That is a beautiful trip from Calgary to Vancouver. If you are in England, I also think you live in a beautiful country. I have been to England 3 times and throughout a lot of the country. It's just gorgeous!

    I'm sorry you are going through exhaustion as well (and yes it is tough going!), but I feel so much better knowing I'm not alone. Today was better - I got dressed, sat on my balcony, and went for my blood work. I've taken it easy since then, but feel so relieved that I'm getting an easier day today. I'm not sure why we have so many chemos, after, but I had 9 chemos ahead of surgery because I was not a candidate for surgery when my cancer was diagnosed. I don't mind 9 more because I want them to be able to get all the microscopic cells possible. But, it is going to be a long process if this exhaustion keeps up. I have chemo #2 tomorrow. Hope it goes better! Hope #5 goes better for you too! xo

  • HI Kim and welcome to the site. You are indeed very welcome. It would seem that you get more chemo post surgery in Canada, Well the thing to focus on is your 125 has come down a lot and this next course of treatment will zap it well and truely, It is normal to feel tired post surgery, your body has been through a lot so take that into account. You have to be gentle on yourself and rest every day. Stay hydrated all the time and eat small meals more often than just big ones. Make sure you have a strong anti nausea and if what they offer doesnt work ask for something else. You are two thirds of the way through this and I hope that the next treatments will treat you well, all the very best and do come back and post again

  • Hi Suzuki Thank you so much for your positive message. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused on the positive, and you are right - I need to focus on the CA 125 and be gentle on myself. I do drink a lot of water and find I can't eat as much as I use to so eat more often. My anti-nausea meds are pretty good so far. They do take care of any nausea I experience. I sincerely hope I am 2/3 of the way through this. I sometimes worry that I won't get into remission, but in general I try to take it one day at a time. Chemo #2 tomorrow! I will definitely post again. You all are so inspirational! Kim xo

  • Welcome! Although I had fewer chemos than you ,the ones post surgery certainly knocked me back more. But as other have said be gentle on yourself. You will get through this we all do with help and support from those around us and the lovely ladies on this site xx

  • Hi Cre27. Thank you for the welcome! I am finding that everyone seems to be hit pretty hard with the chemos after surgery, and I am finding that I have to be much more gentle on myself. Yes, you are right - I will get through this, (I'm 2/3 of the way), with help and support from family and friends and all you lovely ladies on this site

    Kim x0

  • Kim

    I spoke to my Oncololigist last Thursday ref my last chemo being the hardest, she explained that our bodies have been through a traumatic experience with surgery and we haven't recuperated before starting chemo again. She also explained that my scar is burning a lot because of the Taxol.

    Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and don't realise what we have been through.

    Sending you virtual hugs.

    Ellsey xx

  • That explanation makes a lot of sense Ellsey! I do tend to be hard on myself, and expect a lot of myself and that just can't happen this time around. I had chemo '2 for my second set and took it easy afterward. I seem to be doing ok today. I have my daughter here with me which always makes things better :) Thanks for replying to me Kim xo

  • Hi Kim

    Yes I found it very tiring having Chemo after surgery. I was on taxol and carboplatin for stage 3. I remember the 3rd day feeling exhausted especially when I had the two in one day together. I also had low platelets and had delays in treatment. BUT you will get there in the end. I took each day as it comes and ticked off each treatment and tried not to think too much of how long it would take. I took up drawing and writing poems which I never thought I could do.

    Best wishes anbanbd take care



  • Hi Angela Thanks for getting back to me. I am on the same chemo drugs and I find it toughest when I have the two together which is once every 3 week cycle. Yesterday I had just the one drug and I seem to being doing much better. I have had a low white blood count during my chemo before surgery, so now I have to have injections twice a week to make more white blood cells in my bone marrow. I probably do need to find a hobby - presently I am looking for vacation places for when this is all over. I also have an adult colouring book (they are popular in Canada) and I could spend more time on that. Thanks for all you support. Kim xo

  • Kim, I used to have injections which I administered myself five times a week. Also, I too used to use the colouring book which I found helped me alot. I found the two drugs toughest as well and was always relieved when that was over. Angela xx

  • Hi Angela I am just finishing injections which I administer to myself daily for preventing blood clots post surgery. After tomorrow, I will only have to deal with the twice a week white blood cell injections. I'm so glad because I have soooo many bruises on my things from them. The colouring book is really relaxing. I need to get back to it! Kim xo

  • Kim - I'm so pleased to hear you've found this site although I was sorry to read of your story so far. I can't offer you any advice re: chemo but I just wanted to send you some ((hugs)) from GB!

    Jemima xx

  • Thanks for your support Jemima! I really appreciate it! Where in GB are you from?

    Kim xx from Vancouver Canada

  • I live in north Cotswolds Kim...not far from a large town called Cheltenham, south of Birmingham in the Midlands ☺️ Xx

  • Hi Jemima I was in the Cotswolds last summer. Soooo beautiful! Would love to return some day xo

  • It is beautiful here...we're very lucky.

    I visited Canada a very long time ago when I was a kid & just loved it. Our return trip is only a matter of time 😀 🇨🇦❤️

  • That's great Jemima! Canada is a beautiful country. Something worth planning for :) xo

  • Hi Kim, I never had chemo before surgery, all my chemo was after surgery and I found it tough going and remember being tired. Remember, you've had major surgery, that in itself takes it out of you and it takes time to recover from under normal circumstances. You've also got chemo to contend with so are bound to be tired. Take it easy, have a rest each day and don't go expecting too much from yourself. Our problem is that we all think we are Wonder Woman lol. Take care, Ann (from Northern Ireland).

  • Hi Ann I am learning that chemo after surgery is so different than chemo before surgery thanks to all of you here. I'm a Kindergarten teacher so I'm so use to being active and busy. Being sick is just so tough in that way - I've had to slow my life down soooo much! I'm trying to stick to 'one day at a time' and just go with it. Thanks for the suggestions. Kim xo

    P.S. I was in Northern Ireland last summer (Belfast and area) and absolutely fell in love with your beautiful country and the people. Saw the Titanic exhibition. Wow!!! Fantastic!!

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