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Hello ladies,

I’m just going to throw this out there and see what you think? I have just realised that in the village where I live, there has been to my knowledge! 4 cases of High Grade Serous adenocarcinoma of the ovary, all within half a mile of each other? All roughly the same age and all attended the same surgery in the village!

2 have died, 2 including me still fighting! There maybe more, I don’t know, but it’s odd seeing as this disease is not that common?

Any thoughts on this?

Love Bxxx

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My GP said in her first ten years as a GP she saw one. Since I’ve been diagnosed she now has half a dozen. She thinks more women are asking questions about things not being right and the GPs generally are having more U/S investions in gynae

My hospital has taken on an extra gynae consultant. So I think it’s more about awareness and not being fobbed off.

High grade serous is the most common. Clear cell is harder to diagnose as usually presents low CA level and stage one

LA xx

Barbara, there is a University of Washington, US, study mapping cancer clusters. You are probably NOT imagining this. You might want to look into the statistical mapping of various cancers. I live in the highest cancer cluster area in the state of Washington.

I read sometime ago that the ‘average’ GP might see only one case every five years or so.. Assuming a village GP practice doesn’t qualify as average, four cases would seem high.

Cancer Research has published Incidence Statistics for ovarian cancer (wish I could publish link, but sadly it won't let me)! Stats show the rate has remained stable in the UK since the 1990's overall - and on a world-wide scale we are no. 10 for highest incidence. Europe and North America have the highest occurrences - which makes me think it has something to do with exogenous hormones - either our own exposure or exposure of our Mother's even to birth control and in the environment as a whole (hormones in food supply, xeno estrogens in plastics etc). It certainly makes sense to me.....but just my theory.

Rachel Carson wrote "Silent Spring" in the 60's. She warned of this scourge. Xenoestrogens are endocrine disruptors which negatively affect every organism on this planet.

Here along the South Coast of Ireland there has been a large amount of diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, my first thought was Sellafield many years ago, I agree more doctors are aware and more women are being referred than ever before which is a good thing, However we need a cure or something to make this more manageable for everyone, Its not diet, or exercise or lack of same, my oncologist doesn't believe in any of that.

Hi Barbara,

I think environmental factors somehow do play a part. Anecdotally, when I worked on a children’s ward in the North East, the cancer ward opposite had many cases of cancer where the children were from West Cumbria (near Sellafield). I also had two friends pass away (a married couple) within two years of one another. I was wondering if it was something to do with radiation near where they lived?? I think we will find out more in years to come....Lx

I live in Cumbria, and you never know about Sellafield. The other thing I wonder about is the fallout from Chernobyl.

It’s probably not a coincidence but finding common denominators is nigh on impossible for small groups but I am convinced that radiation in one form or another be it from the sun, earth, factories, hospitals or other sources, is responsible for many cancers. They may not show symptoms until decades later so hard to pin a cause down to one thing but four sounds more than coincidence! Xx

I think everybody has made really good and valid points here all of which I concur with, I also believe, especially as in your circumstances, that GP awareness is improving, albeit slowly, and yours is particularly on the ball but one would expect them to be given the incidence of a seemingly high number of cases in such a small area.

As a race, we are our own worst enemies, we have little respect for nature and abuse our beautiful world yet we expect it to look after us. There are so many pollutants in our atmosphere and we continue to fill it with chemicals and pesticides which we know to be harmful and potentially carcinogenic

I think there are many factors that can explain rises in lots of cancers and, whilst I wouldn’t wish this disease on anybody, anywhere, I take some small comfort from increasingly earlier diagnosing, much more awareness and new treatments coming on line to help deal with them together with ongoing research which can only improve the situation.

I hope there are no more cases found in your location or, for that matter, anywhere else and I hope you are as well as you possibly can be. ❤️Xx Jane

Barbara123 in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you all, for your input regarding my post! All the points raised are more than valid, I researched the UK cancer incidence map, although it’s over 6 years out of date! It showed me that the area I grew up in is very much a cancer hotspot! Especially gynaecological cancers! The area where I grew up is surrounded by mining collieries and a carbonisation plant! Like many of my school friends I must have grown up bathed in a

chemical soup!!! When you start looking at the bigger picture it becomes very scary! What kind of world are we leaving behind for our grandchildren, I wonder??

People are living longer in Europe and North America and the biggest risk factor is age. I think this probably explains the higher prevalence.

That's odd you said that because when I was diagnosed there were 7 of us, all with different cancers but all living next door to each other in a road with only 27 houses. I kept saying there was something in the air or water.

Hello all,

I don't post on here very often, but do check in every now and then and just came across this post. Some of you may have heard of geopathic stress and may be interested to watch this documentary , if the link doesn't work just search for geopathic stress documentary and it will come up. Interestingly in Germany they test houses for geopathic stress before moving in, and yet in this country we don't seem to be aware of it- it makes for interesting and thought-provoking viewing anyway x

Environment can have a lot to do with any type of cancer where I work we have had about 10 persons having cancer but different types. I'm the only one with ovarian cancer. But food and environment for sure. Best regards, Liz

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