second time around

Hi all, after undergoing chemo and radical surgery for ovarian cancer May 2014 to November 2014, I thought that was the end of it, how wrong was I, Christmas of 2015 saw my CA125 levels start to rise again and that was followed by scans and more blood tests till secondary ovarian was diagnosed. In April of this year I was started of on chemo Carboplatin, Avast and Gemcitabina, all has been going well until my 4th session when I had a bad reaction to carbo. my blood pressure dropped dramaticaly and all chemo had to stop. I have just had my 5th session with the same drugs, but the carbo was to be administered over 2 hours instead of one to see If I could tolarate it, but just 10 minutes in and my blood pressure dropped again and I was quite ill, once again the chemo had to be stopped. so my question is, will there be a suitable chemo for me if I can,t have carbo. (I did keep my hair this time, lost it all first time round) Thanks.

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  • Hello Beaniejan, welcome to our site. I'm sure there will be a suitable chemo for you but I don't have personal experience if this combination. I'm sure someone will be along soon who has had problems with carbo and can advise you. All the best, Helen

  • Hi beaniejean. yes there will be another chemo you can have. I reacted badly to carbo and can never have it again. I now can have cisplatin which is harsher in terms of side effects but works well :) Wishing you well Kathy xx

  • Thank you Katmal, as long as I can get one that works, don't care about side effects, they will go eventually, just have to make the most of time feeling a bit better xx

  • Hi BeanieJan,

    A big welcome to you. I'm sorry you've had that experience, it must be very upsetting.

    Having just finished my first line, I'm still a newbie but hang on in there, as there are women here with far more knowledge than me who will, I'm sure be able to advise you.


  • Hi I've been told there are a few chemo drugs apart from Carbo/taxol you can have, I'm sure your oncologist will have a plan for you to have something else. Good luck and best wishes



  • It's a horrid experience, isn't it?

    Very common too, I understand.

    I abandoned second line carbo/taxol after 5 doses because of increasing sensitivity to the carbo.

    I have recently finished 3rd line, including carbo, but in a desensitisation regime and I managed to have the lot.

    So.... there are other drugs; there are other approaches to administering the ones we've had problems with.

    Stay positive! xxx

  • Yes... yes there will. This happened to me and I had cisplatin, which was tough and worked at first but then stopped so I'm now on caelyx, which, so far, is a doddle by comparison. There's also weekly low dose taxol. I hope you find something effective and not too hard to take x

  • I became resistant to carbo and am on weekly taxol, the side effects are not bad., Ask about cold cap if you want to keep hair it has worked for me! Xx

  • how many sessions do they say you will have, I still have my hair this time up to now, I live in Spain and they don't do cold caps here, don't know what will happen if I have a different one.xx

  • I have a friend in Valencia who recently had the cold cap during treatment so maybe it is possible in some places. All the best. x

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