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I’m new here : Terrified


Had ct scan because c125 was 800 .definitly got an ovarian tumour, with thickening on peritoneum and omentom .have been told I an having surgery probably next week .I am so frightened I can hardly function.the waiting is killing me :can anyone help me get through this please .

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That’s amazing that you will be having your surgery next week - I had to wait 3 weeks so I understand how the waiting is getting to you. Eat extra healthily so you will be fit and strong and soon you will be recovering at home. Time probably feels to be dragging though so fill your time up and keep busy xx

Take a deep breath darling, the waiting is the worst it’s all a big shock at first but I promise you one you have a plan in place from your oncologist you will feel more in control, have they said you will be having a debulking operation, if so I had this done and yes I’m not going to lie I was so scared but actually it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Take one day at a time, and try to get out and do things every day to try and occupy your time until you have the opp and then when you have had the operation take things slowly and rest up.

This site is full of people that are all going through the same thing and will give you advice and love and encouragement hang on in there love you got this.

Please don’t hesitate to put anything on here day or night this group will help you as they have helped me.

Trish x

Welcoming hugs to you....so so sorry that this has happened. How you are feeling is completely normal.

The waiting is the very worst thing , as when you are having treatment you will meet others in the same boat and will see medical staff that deal with this day in and day out. It’s good that your operation is so soon, some people need chemo to shrink things beforehand.

Try to stay as busy as you can between now and then , give yourself lots of healthy treats. Once the mass is removed and a plan is in place you will feel so much better.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch xxx

Hi manchesterlady! That is awful news for you to deal with and I know the waiting is the worst (also waiting for surgery, although I don’t have mine till the 18th, which will have been nearly a 5 week wait for me).

I don’t have great advice but please feel you are not alone and this forum is a great place for asking questions. The Macmillan support line will also listen if you are having a wobble and answer any questions (hopefully you got a bunch of information when you were diagnosed).

I’ve tried to fill my time by being organised (bag is packed, new pjs, giant pants etc). I am trying to prepare by being super healthy and going for walks and swimming etc....and planning nice treats before and after surgery.

All that said, although the days are easier, I find the nights are a struggle; please reach out for help if you are struggling, your GP may also be a good place for support.

Wishing you the very best for the surgery, and sending you a big hug xxx

Hi Manchesterlady

So sorry that you have had this news but glad you have found us on this forum as we all know how terrified you must be feeling .

The uncertainty of the first few weeks whilst you are waiting for a plan or treatment to start are particularly difficult. I was in complete shock as diagnosed whilst on holiday in Mauritius after an emergency laparoscopy and then had a long wait for treatment to start as needed more tests when got back to the Uk .

Stay away from google most of the stats and info is outdated and try and keep busy doing things you enjoy if physically up to it . Ovacome have a great helpline and they can talk through protocols and answer lots of questions.

The good news is that if they are planning surgery first sounds like your cancer is contained . I needed chemo first to shrink the tumours before my surgery as was diagnosed stage 4 in June 2016 . Despite thinking the worst when diagnosed I am still here almost 2 years later and enjoying life , celebrated my daughters 21st, back to Zumba and just got back from a lovely trip to Scicily where we did an Etna tour .

Not sure where you are having treatment but if you are in Manchester you are near a great hospital, The Christie .

Keep in touch and don’t be afraid to ask us any questions. Lots of amazing ladies on here who have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom .

Take each day as it comes and hope you get a date soon for your surgery . Have you got someone at home or close by that can support you and go to appointments with you . It helps to have someone to write down answers to questions as can be a bit daunting.

You will get through this but it takes time to deal with the shock of diagnosis and you will feel more in control once your treatment has started .

Sending a big hug love and best wishes Kim x 💜

Hi lovely,

Welcome to the family. We’re a friendly bunch. As others have said the waiting is the worst bit. I care for someone with OC so please make sure you have a good support network around you and get them to do the housework and bits like that don’t overdo it and don’t consult Dr Google. When my special person was diagnosed she was told 6 months with chemo and she’d be pushing up daisies I’m pleased to say she’s still here 3 years later and was told she had the cancer for a minimum of 5 years at diagnosis so she’s doing really well considering. She’s had 2 reoccurrences since diagnosis and 3 lines of treatment but is stable for the moment but do know there is hope out there for anyone xxx

Hi Manchester Lady,

From a fellow Manchester lady! As the amazing ladies on here (I exclude myself, as my OC journey was a walk in the park compared to theirs) will tell you the waiting is horrendous. I'm so pleased for you surgery is taking place soon. Also being in Manchester is brilliant, as any follow up treatment (if needed) will be at one of the leading hospitals.

From my own experience the surgery was fine; it's all the unknown implications that blow your mind. As the other ladies have said try to keep busy and get organized for your hospital stay. During my 2 week wait for my operation I thought at times my head was going to explode with anxiety. A lovely friend gave me a mantra which I found helped calm me. 'Do not be anxious. All will be well.'

And it was. I wish the very same for you. Let us know how you get on.

Love Catherine x

Hi there,

Firstly,my heart goes out to you...the waiting I know is incredibly hard but,just echo all the lovely comments above we’re here to help and support you.I know the thought of surgery and what the future holds can be very scary but,it’s fantastic they are treating you in good time...I waited 28 days between a scan/bloods to a total hysterectomy which got all of the nasties,I was very lucky indeed.

I also recommend you keep away from Dr.Google and lean on the forum for support,the My Ovacome team are also fabulous.

Look after yourself as best you can...eat healthy,lots of water,forgive me I know you’ve heard that so many times before but,it really does aid recovery in the longer term.

Wishing you all the very best. I am certain you are in very good hands.

Best wishes Clare xx

Hi Manchesterlady...we are all living proof that you can get through this waiting and emerge on the other side. I found that getting busy, distracting myself with enjoyable conversation/outings was key and lean on friends for support.

Otherwise cancer wins- even if it turns out you don’t have it...it will have taken your time and headspace. Good luck xx

Hi Hun,

This is the worst part, after your op, you will have a plan in place, be it Chemo or not.

Waiting is awful, we have all been there, just do what you enjoy to divert yourself and it will soon pass.

Other ladies have been supportive, we are all here, this was me 3 1/2 years ago, I had 6 months Chemo and am still free of disease, there is hope and try not to worry.

You are being operated on soon so not too long now,

We are here if you need us and wish you all the best,

Carole xxx

Welcome to this forum Manchesterlady! The other ladies have said it all! Put some really nice things in your hospital bag eg. nice smelling soap, special face cream, a little clock, an interesting magazine....Linda x 🌷

Totally understand the fear etc. It’s the most terrifying thing. We can all empathise with you. Just breathe, try not to let your mind go into overdrive. Easy to say I know.

This site is amazing. The ladies on here are so friendly, knowledgeable and caring and supportive. They’ve helped me through my dark times.

We are here for you. Big big hugs xxxxx

Hi, I'm glad you found us we have amazing ladies who have been through it all, the waiting is hard but once your team a has your plain in place you will feel better about the treatment.

The main thing arfter surgery is to be kind to yourself and relax and let your body heal and it will. any question just post and someone will always be here for you..take care Lorraine xx

Welcome! You are lucky to be having surgery and to have it so quickly is good too! Will you be having follow up treatment? It is terrifying to be told you have cancer and in this you are not alone. Medical treatments have come a very long way since our grandparents time and there can be a good success rate. Personally I have found that cancer is not the death sentence that it once was, treatment is not always easy but I am sure you are a strong person or you wouldn’t have reach out on this site. It is good that you did. I have gotten a lot of help, support and education from all the wonderful people on this site. Good luck to you and know that positive thoughts are being sent your way. Hugs, andree

Thank you . I don’t know what comes after surgery . Depends what they find x

Hi lovely

I understand how frightened you are. And this is normal. But so promise this will pass gradually. Waiting is one of the hardest features here. People have given loads of advice below about keeping busy etc. Whatever you end up doing to pass the time, make sure you do it with self care. E.g. just look after yourself. Have you tried relaxation or meditation tapes on YouTube? They have helped me enormously and you can relax and escape for a while. For the fear, could you try hypnotherapy? I found it took a lot of my anxiety and fear away do I was more able to face things and in a relaxed way.

Once you are in the hospital and in the care of the team, you will relax. Maybe try and plan done relaxing things to do before you go in. Do nice things. Focus on these if you can.

We are all here for you. Nicky xx

Thank you nicky

Thinking of you, it will all go well and lots of lovely supportive, wise women on this site. Sending hugs from Australia

Thank you

Hi Manchesterlady are you having your surgery at St Mary's that's where I had mine and they were fantastic I was under the prof there abs he was excellent. It's so daunting waiting for surgery but when you have recovered hopefully you will feel so much better. It's a tough road but with the support of your family & friends and this group you will get through it. Sending you lots of love & best wishes

Sue x

Thanks for your reply sue , yes at st Mary’s . How long were you in for ?

I was in for 5 days if you can ask youre relatives to bring some food in for you as when you start to get your appetite back I found there's horrible

Hi Manchesterlady and sorry you had to join but so glad you found this amazing group of supportive, helpful, knowledgeable, and sometimes experienced beyond what is fair group of women (I exclude myself too as I lean on them more than help!). I started therapy to try to learn how to deal with the anxiety of waiting --I think it just comes with the territory but there are great ways to help yourself feel less so and I am sure you will learn them, if needed. My suggestion would be to compartmentalize your worrying. Give yourself a 15 minute window to worry, then push it out of your mind, enjoy your day, your friends and family and keep telling yourself you will worry again later. It takes practice but it does work. You're entitled to some worry but don't let it rob you of focusing on those things you enjoy. Keep busy, stay off the internet and come here to ask questions or go to "Search My Ovacome" to get answers. Wishing you luck and so glad the surgery is so soon. oxox

The waiting and anxiety is the worst part. We all so understand! Sending you love and a gentle hug from across the Pennines. (North Yorkshire coast). Carolyn xx🌸

I'm sorry you're facing this situation and being scared is a natural reaction. If the fear you're feeling is getting the better of you and affecting your daily life, don't hesitate to ask your doctor for a prescription for something to temporarily calm your nerves, such as Ativan (lorazapam). Good luck. I know you'll do just fine.

Hi I’m Manchester your diagnosis is similar my ca125 was 900. I’ve had surgery 7 weeks ago at London and I’m doing great.

Manchester wud not operate on me 😡😡

You can do this. Xx

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