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I went to the doctor and found out with the tumor pressing against my colon , right now surgery isn't an option. She did say that if it ruptures then they will do emergency surgery. She said they will do an ostomey. I am currently taking letrozol which is not holding my ca125. So don't think it is working, but my next cat scan is Feb.13. They are are gonna put me on carboplatnum if the cat scan showed new growth. Also my platelets are 70 , they want them to be 100 or above to be able to put me on any drug trials. So going to a hematologist soon to see if they can figure why my platelets are not building up. She said we are running out of things to try so hoping we can get those platelets up.

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Hi LD,

I never understand the reasoning behind not operating unless it’s an emergency. Surely operating when it’s not an emergency means they can plan better?! Ah well! I guess that why they are doctors and I’m not!

I’m also going in to scans on 13 Feb, so I will think of you whilst I’m having mine done.

As for platelets, we’ve had a number of discussions on here about them recently. Papaya (paw paw) is supposed to be good for raising them, as is (if my memory serves me right) pomegranate. Beetroot is also good for red blood cells in general. I hope the hematologist can come up with some answers for you.



Thank you for the tips, anything will help. Yes, I agree it doesn't make sense to let it get to the point of emergency surgery. Good luck on your scan let me know how it turns out. Lisaxx



I've always wondered why surgery wasn't an option for me and eventually asked the right questions yesterday and got the right answers and now understand that I would be in a worse state if I had surgery as I've cancer cells in my lymph system and if I have my ovaries out those cancer cells will travel all over my body. I've plenty of other places where the cancer is already and I don't need any more so I'm happy with the answer. I had a problem with low platelets at the end of the year and my chemo was halted for a while. It came back up naturally after a couple of weeks and at 90 they were happy to reinstate the chemo so you haven't got far to go. I got some papaya tea and although it tasted a bit weird I don't think it helped much. Usually things that taste bad are good for us - or so we were told when we were young. I do hope things improve for you soon but don't get hung up on wanting surgery. Sometimes it isn't the best thing for some of us. xxxxKryssy


You are right about the surgery. They told me I have Cancer cells like little pieces of sand through out my omentum. If they do surgery now the air would hit it and it would spread. You would think there would be something else they could do but who am I to judge they are the doctor suppose they know what their doing. How are you holding up? I have been following your post . Praying for you.... Lisaxx


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