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Eutroc Pissaro Trial

I have just found out I do have P53 tumour marker so I am eligible for this trial .Further scanning to take place next week with a view to starting treatment on 12th. Tomorrow I will be at my local hospital all day to have ascites drained. I am pleased to be going on the trial but feel apprehensive. My Cancer journey really began around 3 years ago but until now I have not suffered any symptoms apart from the usual ones from carbo/Taxol treatment. The ascites has made me feel quite unwell, unable to sleep and very anxious. Should I be able to find some improvement once the drain has taken place ? I'm sure many others have been in my situation before. Sandra

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Hi Sandra

Pleased to hear you are able to get on the trial . I had ascities when first diagnosed and had them drained twice , first when diagnosed (5 litres) and then the week before I started my chemo ( another 5 litres ) as I was so uncomfortable. Could hardly walk , eat and wasn’t able to lie down . Had almost immediate relief after the drain and remember sending my husband out for fish and chips ! Hope the drain makes you feel more comfortable and sending best wishes for the trial .

Let us know how you get on .

Love and best wishes Kim x 💜


Looking forward to a good meal tomorrow evening then x x

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Sandra this sounds interesting. I know I recently had foundation medicine genetic testing and I too have a P53 marker so I will make a note of this for future reference. Hope it works well for you xxx


You will so feel better, gets rid of the discomfort, I also had 2 blood transfusions and one tab of Omaprezole a day, which dispersed the acid and let my appetite return

Carole xx


Hi Sandra just want to say best of luck with the drain and the trial. We have to have hope


Thank you. You're so right x


Hi Sandra , First best wishes for the trial I can understand your feelings of apprehension I have just started a new trial drug, yes once you have the drain you will feel a lot better and ready to start the trial.

I hope all goes well take care Lorraine xx


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