Who sends messages on this site just to cause distress?

In my messages box on this site I have a message entitled 'Cancer Cure' from someone who calls themselves a 'warrior'. Open it and it extols the virtues of a non medical 'cure' for cancer. Diet and lifestyle choices only - following the teachings of some 'expert' in these matters who just happens to have written a book about it. I have not shown the message to my wife, but it distressed me enough to want to punch the authors of the message and the book, assuming they are not one and the same person. Why, tell me why, do these Snake Oil purveyors still exist in this enlightened age. False hopes, false avenues. In the meantime the situation rarely gets anything other than worse.

Rant over.


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  • Hi Trevor,

    We had this scammer a while back so is your message recent or is it an old message?

    If it is a new message then you should report it to HealthUnlocked (via the box on the left handside) if it is an old message you should delete it immediately...but you could still report it as well...this person has been playing havoc on this site..best wishes x G x

  • Thanks for that Gwyn, the pm is dated 6th September and I note now that he has been 'terminated'. The last thing anyone needs is a scammer like this and I am so glad firm action was taken.


  • Hi Trevor,

    That isn't the end of the story...... as he came in on different guises and gave "OvaCome" and "HealthUnlocked" a huge run around and upset a lot of people.. but thanks to their hard work and persistence he is now eliminated.

    I hope things are improving with you...hang on in there and wish you the very best love x G x

  • Hi Trevor

    So sorry you received this, on top of everything else you are coping with. As Gwyn says, the matter has been monitored and dealt with by the tech team. Thes b*****ds need their ***** cut off! I will leave you to imagine which parts I refer to!

    Hope your wife has had a fairly comfortable day, in spite of the pm. I think that the team have fixed the problem now though.

    Let's hope so

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Trevor!

    I had bother with him in two other guises too, early last month! An offensive pain in the butt! Thankfully now dealt with!


  • Hi Trevor

    I had a similar message from someone, I won't name names but I suspect it was the same person. They were spouting venom about how the website wouldn't allow them to do this and that. The tone of the message left me in no doubt it was not from someone following the community guidelines, so I didn't watch their video and have deleted the message! I feel that people like that are on a par with the "I'm ringing about a problem with your computer" phone calls we get all the time......grubby little parasites!


  • Hi Trevor, yes quite a few of us received stuff from this waste of space Troll. Hopefully we will hear no more!

    All the very best to you and your wife,


  • Thanks to you all for your responses. Much appreciated. Rather fraught in the household at present, could have done without that malicious idiot.

    Will update on the domestic saga soon.


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