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Joining the re current club

Hì ladies went to see my onc 2wks ago i was told i was i remisson in june had a ultra sound the ct scan they found a deposit in my groin in aorta and peri.i only went to my gp as a bit of blood was coming from my tummy button.and i have what they call a sister mary joseph cyst.so if my gp had'nt sent me for ultra sound god knows how far my cancer would be.sounds as you are keeping cherrful it keeps me going.shortie38

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Sending hugs Shortie38....not the news anyone wants but sounds like your GP is very proactive ...do you know what chemo you will have? My Onc told me that if/when I recur they will use Caelyx. Lxx


Hi Shortie, sorry to hear your news but at least they have caught it quick by the sounds of it . Do you have a chemo plan in place yet? Sending you a big hug xx Kathy xx


Hi ladies been on tamoxifen for 2yrs 6months they tryed me on carboplatin in 2015 it did'nt work noy sure about cemo i think they are watch and wait.i think my age might have some thing to do with what treatment they will give me.i am 78yrs many thank for relpying.shortie38x

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Wishing you a mountain of luck and hoping they come up with an effective treatment for you!


Me too Shortie38, I've joined the club too recently, didn't want to but here I am.

I've had 9 weeks of Letrozole but had to stop last week because of horrid side effects, had a CT scan this morning and I think I'll be on chemo pretty soon as having abdo discomfort.

I'm glad your Gp was on the ball and sent you for scan,

Keep strong

Gill xxx


Sorry you’re back in the club. It sounds as if your GP is on top of things. When do you see your onc again?

All the best!


Hi nòt sure waiting for a apointment to come throùgh my dr has wrote to my onc about me .thank you. Shortie38x


Seems that recurrence is a way of life with OC related carcinoma, whether or not one is BRCA and has to be prepared for it at the very beginning. Unfortunately as of now, it's not possible to be war ready to fight it, instead one has to be ready to join it, until a reason for it's cause is discovered. Not trying to seem.pessimistic but wanting to find optimism within the realms of OC. Keep the Faith that The Day will come when we have found out the How and Why.



They try not to treat a recurrence until the symptoms start to bother you, so I don't believe it's age related just general practice. I am planning on watch and wait although have a feeling they are going to say the chemo word and I'm not up for more at the moment.

LA xx


Hi lily anne thank you i sure hope you are right been in a lòt of pain in my left dide my gp has put me on co-codamol.so no dancing this week.shortie38x

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Hi Shortie

I'm in a similar place. I've just been told my OC has recurred. Just started Tamoxifen, not too bed so far but I don't know if it's working.

Like Lily-Anne, I'm not up for more chemo yet.

Hope you get a treatment plan soon.




Thank you hope it goes well for you.take care.shortie38.x


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