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I saw on the news last night about a trial going ahead fora highly-focused ultra sound which they are putting forward as a permanent solution to kill lingering cancer cells. It is thought to be less damaging than radiotherapy which can have very nasty side effects. I thought I would post this in case anybody using the Royal Marsden would be interested in taking part in this trial, I believe they are looking for subjects (if this is the right word!)

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  • Thanks for your post. I wonder if you know whether the ultrasound is to be used on distinct growths rather than widespread disease? X

  • It would be interesting to know more, maybe the news item gave the answer and I only got the brief gist! I will ask mu consultant when I see him in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your interest in my question. I will get back to you if I find out more. It does give us hope though. Research is doing an wonderful job trying to get to the bottom of cancer for us. sleep well. Gio

  • Thanks for that. I have tried to find out without success since reading your post so I would be interested. Xxx

  • I have got two references which are interesting reading although it says that the treatment isn't suitable for pelvic cancers. They are and Still worth a read though. Have a great day, Gio

  • Brilliant .. Thanks. I'll have a look. Xx

  • Hi. when watching the series of programs on C4 last year ( SU2C- around Oct) - there was an hour long program 'Curing Cancer' which followed 4 patients, none of them with OvCa though. One patient was having a highly technical treatment using high powered laser/radar or heat/freeze into tumours - I wonder if the trail is one of those?

    As I live in Ireland - I watched it, but I know it is not available here.

    Can anyone recall the program as I would be interested to know what the new treatment is

    Hope all are OK


  • So glad you are interested as well. There is real hope out there for all of us. I will take a note of the treatments you mention and ask my consultant when I see him in a couple of weeks.


  • Sharonforce has given me a couple of interesting references but these trials are not suitable for pelvic cancers. Anyhow it's good to read! They are,com/news/2015-01-21 and Have a great day. Gio

  • I think the lady had lung cancer. The treatment she had is called Radiofrequency ablation .

  • Hi

    Thanks for the post. Are you referring to high intensity focused ultrasound? I am also at the Royal Marsden so will ask about it.

    There is some more info on the links below:

    best wishes


  • Thanks, I have had a good look at the two sites with great interest. I see that it isn't suitable for those of us with pelvic tumours but it does make great reading. Gio

  • The Cancer Research UK page is dated 2013 so things may have moved on since then and it may be being used for different types of tumours. The news article refers to a patient with breast cancer that had spread to her bones being treated with this therapy.

  • I saw the programme Curing Cancer and it was using targeted microwaves at tumours sized between 1-1.5cm and appeared very successful. They were at University College Hospital London. I'm very interested too ( as I'm sure most of us are ) although not in London, I would travel!

    Dawn xx

  • I have been given some good references by Sharonforce on this site who is having treatment through the Royal Marsden. I'll pass them onto you.,com/news/2015-01021 and It says the treatment is not suitable for those of us with pelvic cancers but sure is interesting to have a look. I will put the info onto a post so that it is widely available for anybody using the site to get themselves informed. Have a great day, violin practice for me! Gio

  • Thank you, that's great.

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Dawn xx

  • Hiya, I've just looked at the links and read the info and I don't think that this is the same treatment that they had in Curing Cancer. They did show a gent with prostrate cancer being treated by HIFU, but also a lady who had metastasis in her lungs from cancer in her shoulder. They used focussed microwaves. The cancer research info said HIFU couldn't be used for lung cancer or spread from origin source, which makes me think they are two differing treatments?


  • They were at the University College Hospital London in the Macmillan cancer centre.

  • Me too Dawn! My daughter lives in London!

  • There is a focused radiotherapy treatment used intra-operatively via a Mobetron machine, it is used in Germany and some other EU countries and the U.S. the latest wisdom is that this therapy could have wide applications in recurrent cancer. You would go for surgery and then prior to completion there would be treatment as a one off shot. It wouldn't be any good for diffuse disease but good for targeted tumour sites. Plan to have a machine in the UK shortly.

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