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Should I consider a private transvaginal ultrasound?

I'm 44 and in the last 6 months my periods have changed, in the main, by becoming more painful. I'm also experiencing menstrual pain throughout the month. During my period I have an intense pain in my lower right abdomen. The left side is totally fine. Also, I'm generally constipated and bloated, pain outside of period can keep me awake at night. My GP sent me for a pelvic abdominal ultra sound, expecting that I would have a cyst but it was clear and now he won't take me seriously. I'm wondering if I am just being paranoid or if I should pay for an additional test? I have lost most of my family to cancer and I just feel that there is something not right.

Thanks in advance and best wishes to everyone

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Dear Sharon,

There seems no point in paying for one if you have already had one, perhaps you should request a ca125 blood test that might give you an indication that something is wrong but do bear in mind that it is not an accurate test but might indicate you have an infection, and then your GP might investigate further. Best wishes love x G x


Hi, did you just have an ultrasound of your pelvis and not a transvaginal ultrasound ? If that's the case then I would push for one as you need to find out what's going on. Your symptoms could be many things but if you haven't been given an explanation as to what's going on then you need to push for further tests. I had both scans done as a matter of course and the ca125blood test. If your gp won't take you seriously is there another one at your surgery you could see ? love Kerry x


Hi Gwen and Kerry, thanks so much for your replies. I had a pelvic ultrasound not a transvaginal. The thing that surprised me was the test was literally over and done with in two minutes. I was a little surprised at that, but Im sure it's probably normal for that to happen with an experienced sonographer. Sadly, my GP is the best of the bunch. Sharon x


Hi Sharon

A cautionary tale

The exact thing happened to me in and out before the free parking had finished. I also had the lowdown on her evening out the night before. I only had the pelvic ultrasound.All clear was given 2 months later having other treatment when I got on the table I was uncomfortable and the lady asked if I had had the transvaginal at the time of my ultra sound I said no. She offered to do one there and then. This was not the reason I was there. I said if you have the time yes please. 2 days later it was all systems go both ovaries had cysts on. CA125 1800.

I was very concerned 3 months had passed since the first scan. I thought how aggressive is this!!. I queried and asked about the the radiographer she was a senior one.I was so gutted, in the end I had stage 3C. I had been very bloated for over 6months and toilet changes, but this was normal for me always had loo problems.

So please take the advice and do give up push as much as you can. You could always have a CA125 done privately it would be worth it,

I must admit I usually go to a lady GP for the lady problems they seems to know more about what goes on in our bodies. I have found this in my practice, it doesnt mean to say its the same everywhere.

Good luck

Regards Barbara


What I am about to write is not intended to scare you but just show how important it is not to be fobbed off by yourGP!! I had been going to my GP for 4 years prior to diagnosis complaining of bloating abdominal pain - ALL the classic OC signs. My GP sent me for ultrasounds ran blood tests etc which revealed nothing at all. He kept telling me to go on a diet! Eventually I was admitted to hospital (not until my GP had sent me home - to come back and see how I felt 2 days later!) and lo and behold had a tv ultrasound and the poor girls face just dropped. A 16.0x14cm solid tumor- not easy to miss!!

If I had been more insistent with my GP or changed GPs it would have been caught earlier luckily it had only got to stage 2.So my message from all of this is I would do whatever I could even if it just to put your mind at rest. Sorry that was a bit of a ramble!



Dear Sharon,

Reading the other ladies experience I think you should push for one and shouldn't have to pay for it love x G x


Thanks Barbara and Claire, That's shocking, thank you for sharing your experience. Very best wishes to both of you.

I was really confused when I was told that there were no cysts on the scan. I had a cyst years ago and it caused a bit of pain - nothing like I'm having at the moment. I'm going to go back to GP and try again for tv and blood test. I kept a diary for the last 2 months of symptoms and on most days I've recorded pelvic pain, bowel changes, bloating. Maybe if I take that with me he will agree to investigate further. If not then I will try another GP in the surgery or pay for the tests.

Sharon x


Dear Sharon

You can print out my reply and take it to your doctor.

My GP suggested an ultrasound but as the waiting time was 12 weeks we agreed I would pay privately and have it done at the local Spire Hospital.

The radiographer's report said I had a uterus full of fibroids. My GP, meanwhile, was concerned as he said the pain I was in suggested there was something else that wasn't showing up on an ultrasound. He arranged for me to have an appointment with a gynaecologist who performed a transvaginal scan and it was this which led to the diagnosis of ovarian cancer. My surgeon told me after the procedure that there wasn't a fibroid in site so it just goes to show ultrasound scans are not the most accurate.

Don't take no for an answer. If you are still in pain and you are bloated something is wrong and your GP should be dealing with it. Mine told me at my first visit that he didn't know what was wrong but we'd get to the bottom of it. At least I had a diagnosis within 3 weeks. That is a good GP.

I hope with all my heart that this is not the diagnosis you receive. As Gwyn says, a CA125 test might also help. Whatever it is it needs sorting out.

Sending lots of love xx Annie


Dear Sharon,

As all the others have said - a transvaginal scan should be performed. Do push again for one.

Good Luck and I hope something is found to explain what you're feeling that can be quickly sorted out - not cancer. If it should turn out to be the thing we all dread - remember we're all here to help you through it.

Best wishes, Solange


Hi Solange, what a beautiful name.

Before you carry on, please start seeking advice from a medical professional. If it were me. I would go to my GP. If you have a private ultrasound, you will need it reported and the results explained to you. Hope that helps. Take care. Fiona.


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