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Should I go back to the doctor?

Hi all,

I was on here a while back having problems with my bloated stomach, low pressure etc.

Went to docs, has ultra sound and they said I had simple cysts, and uterus was too thick, so had an internal and gyno said all was well, confused me too!!

Anyway Im still getting bloated stomach/low down pressure and hip pain, Im scheduled to have a scan on my back as they say thats where the pain is coming from, but Im still bloated!! cant ;lose any weight whatever I try and Im so tired all the time.

This has been going on now for nearly 3yrs and Im worried about keep going back to the doctor, by the way Im post meno and according to what Ive read simple cysts are rare in post meno women? and would they cause the bloating and pain?

Ive recently had a smear and that was fine.

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Pam

Log on to and follow the option that says BEATOvarian cancer with Ovacome, on the left. Scroll down and you'll find the BEAT symptom tracker, where you can print it out and take to your doctor. There is also details of the helpline nurse on there and you can ring or email and get some expert advice. All the best. You are right to follow this up. I was going back and forth to my GP for years, and it turned out I did have OC. You have to just refuse to be fobbed off.

All the best

Love Wendy xx


You need to insist on a CA125 blood test and an abdominal/pelvis CT scan. If anything is found then a biopsy needs to be taken for tests. Do not be fobbed off with their reasons foir noit doing them, rather have the these tests to find nothing wrong than not have them any they get it wrong. Love Paul xx


Hi Pam,

A smear will not detect ovarian cancer, I think you should go back to your doctor, I had a bad hip and it was a tumour that was resting on a nerve, now I am not saying you have ovarian cancer... but if you have a cyst it could be pressing on a nerve...have you had a ca125 blood test...perhaps ou should request wishes love x G x


Thanks all for your prompt replies, I had a CA125 last time I went about my problems and that was fine so they said, I just keep thinking I would be really poorly by now if it was OC? after so long?

Im going to ring docs tomorrow to ask for another CA125, I know what they will say though, they are very expensive!

Thanks again.



Hi Pam,

They are not expensive don't worry about that love x G x


Ca125 costs c£25 - so very cheap as these things go.

Do keep insisting on a diagnosis, but ov. ca. is not common, so do not be too terrified!

Good luck,



Could be lots of things...go back and ask them to repeat tests...ca125 is a cheap easy though not always useful test. (by that l mean the level can rise/fall for many many reasons yet not necessarily elevate with cancers).

If you dont feel well push for answers - just dont torture yourself thinking its oc.

Take care x


Definitely go back and if necessary ask for a second opinion. It is your right and is what you pay your taxes for. Please do not be donned off , if something goes wrong you will be the person suffering ...doctors like to say that if the " act in good faith" , as if that makes everything fine !!!

Good luck

Charlie xxx


Hi Pam,

You can`t always believe what you read, I know a lot of ladies who have had problems with cysts in post meno.

Cysts can be nasty little buggers, and so painful too, they are not always malignant though and sometimes they can come and go because they can be simply made up from a build up of fluid a bit like an internal blister (but not in all cases, as I`m sure cysts will vary somewhat like cancer can). The thing is Pam love whatever it is causing these problems they need to be addressed because they are obviously causing you problems and making you miserable as well as anxious.

An ultra sound scan isn`t as clear as a CT scan, so it is important that you have one of those.

3 years is a long time to have these problems and should not be left a second longer and as for your doctor saying that you`d be feeling very poorly by now if it was cancer appals me even further, isn`t that called neglect? Was he waiting for you to feel poorly before he did something.

Many ladies feel un well with this type of cancer, but many do not, they may just feel a little more tired than usual. And anxiety alone can make you feel exhausted.

They tell us to be vigilant and go to the GP when we have symptoms, we all know that OV cancer is one of the hardest to detect early but when ladies do take their concerns to their doctor they feel as though they are being dismissed.

I think if I was you, I`d be requesting a hysterectomy regardless, get rid of it all sweetheart don`t leave anything down there to chance. I do hope it all turns out to be a positive result but whatever it is it does need sorting, don`t be fobbed off and take advice from everyone who have already responded to your post.

Love and God bless from Tina xxx


Go back to your GP and ask for scan and ca125,I went to my doctor's for nearly 2 years with bloating and never felt ill till I weighed 3 stone more than normal.I was sent straight away by another doctor for a scan etc.I was told they thought I had a huge cyst,I was gobsmacked to be told 2 weeks later I had ovarian cancer,luckily I had operation had tumour which weighed over 2 st,hysteretomy,appendix and some other bits taken out and a chemo wash.I was lucky I have not had to have further treatment touchwood and I have just gone over a year but if I had not gone in when I did I would have died anyway as my tumour was leaking and I would have died through blood poisoning.I'm not saying this is what you have and you probably have a cyst which they thought I had as it was so large.A cyst can cause bloating but stick out with your doctor as mine virtually did nothing.I wish I had stood my ground and demanded he did more earlier as I wasn't satisfied but I knew virtually nothing about ovarian cancer till I found this and other sites which have the information.

Take the good advice you have been given on here and see another doctor if needs be.

Take care hope you get a diagnosis soon and hope it's a good one,wishing you all the best



Well I went back to doc today, with every intention of asking for CA125 test, they did a urine sample and it seems I have UTI, have antibiotics for 3 days then have to go back, so maybe hopefully its just UTI

Thanks all for your help.


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