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First post and unsure of everthing

Hi everyone , not sure if i should be writing here I haven’t been diagnosed yet . Had a complex cyst discovered during pregnancy in 2015 wasn’t removed until August 2017 pathology came back borderline tumour so was refered to differnt hospital oncology guinecologist in sept and I am going for surgery on 8th of November to remove ovary and Fallopian tube and they going to do biopsy of omentum I am nervous the hospital that removesd cyst said it’s not cancer now but could be down the road and the other hospital said they doing biopsy to make sure it’s limited to stage 1 ! Now I know I’m very lucky that if it’s stage one the outcome is good just wondered has anyone experienced similar ? Also I’m presuming the surgery to remove ovary and tube and biopsy will be similar recovery to the cyst removal ? It’s by laparoscopy should also add my ca125 levels where 38 in June so doc said it’s only slightly raised which I’m hoping is a good thing any info be a great help and sending positive vibes and hugs to everyone on their journey with this disease xx

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Hello, so sorry you've had cause to join the group but yes, of course do please ask any questions you have. You'll find a really friendly group of folk here with lots of experience and insight...

We all completely understand how difficult it is to wait for results. As you know, finding borderline and ovca at an early stage is really much much better. I think Ovacome have a good information sheet on their website about borderline tumours, if you haven't already found it, do have a look on their website.

It is standard practice to remove and check the ommentum (I think we mostly all only discovered we had one when it was due to be removed!). It's a vestigal organ like the appendix so it's not a problem to lose it! Everything that is removed will be examined and it's this histology report which will give the definitive results.

With regards recovery times... it may be similar but of course all operations are slightly different. It's a good idea to write down all your questions and then ask your team...

Wishing you hope and strength, Sxx

PS I Think the Younger Women's Guide to OVCA may also have a section about Borderline too... you can find it online from the main charities or order a paper copy for free from them x


Hi Donna,

Sorry to hear you are going through the awful pre surgery time waiting for a definitive answer. It's an awful time. It sounds like you are in good hands and they just want to make absolutely certain all the borderline cyst is gone (they always check the omentum - very familiar to us here!) If there is anything sinister it's been caught early. My own tumour was stage 1 (though huge!) and confined to one ovary. That was 29 years ago.

Only thing I would ask in your position is what will be the extent of the operation if they find anything. I went in for removal of the cyst to wake up to having lost a lot more! But extremely grateful to have a great chance of survival. Although they have to wait for the histology they seem to have a pretty good idea when they 'go in' as it were and make decisions there and then.

But hopefully it won't come to that for you and your operation will be straightforward.

Wishing you all the best.

Catherine x

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They have said they will remove the ovary and Fallopian tube I’m 37 and have had three kids do not want any more but they said they won’t do fully hysterectomy unless they have to until I’m over 40 so will have to wait n see my surgery to remove cyst was only in August so hopefully not much has changed inside since they where in there last the only other thing that worries me slightly is that the endo bag that’s used to catch the cyst they removed burst inside me so I’m hoping that doesn’t cause any issues down the line. But as I’m not a doctor I have no clue if that’s anything to worry about or not my mind imagines all sorts lol but thankfully the kids are keeping me busy enough not to think about things too much hopefully the surgery will still be keyhole have a 16 month old toddler to look after the other two children are older so they will help out too but my fiancée can’t take too much time off after the op so I’m hopibg for same kind of recovery as after the cyst removal


All I can say is that you’ll all know a lot more after the surgery about what, if anything, you’re dealing with.

but it will drive you mad, waiting and wondering.

Wishing you strength and patience. Xx


Thanks everyone I will just have to be patient and wait and see what happens thank you all for your kind words and support


Hey Donna.

Your diagnosis is almost identical to mine. Weird right? My laporotomy is on the 15th but as I'm only 22 and still want kids some day I'm having one ovary and fallopian tube removed. Terrifying experience. Positive vibes to you.

Feel free to send me a message if you feel moved to. Good luck xx


Thank you mezzo hope you doing ok the waiting is a killer my surgery is this wed so not too much longer then hopefully the biopsy results won’t take too long last time I had surgery they said the results be back in 6 to 8 weeks then rang me 5 days later to say come back in to discuss results so who knows for now I just focus on day to day things or else I go nuts lol hope you be ok I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes back your way


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