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Pathology Reports

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Well finally home after a long day going back and forth to the Onc. The tumor was borderline. But with the surgery the Onc feels we are all clear now due to no cancer cells being noted in the lymph nodes. So so thankful for all the prayers and all the helpful advice from everyone. Next doctors appointment is in 3 months for a follow up CT to make sure nothing is floating around in there that might try and grow back.

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Hi Jess, Good news hope it continues, now enjoy the next 3 months and try not to think about cancer, easy said I know but your Onc sound possitive ..take care Lorraine xx

Thank you!!! On to job hunting lol

Hi Jess. I’m sure it is a relief to have some definite answers (well, as definite as you can get in this game). I take it chemo is not required? I hope you continue to recover well from your op and feel more at ease knowing you have that safety net check up in 3 months.

Please remember that you have been through a lot, both physically and emotionally, and take some time to breathe out and reflect. It’s so easy to be in fight mode at this time and that is exhausting in itself. I’ve just had my 12 month “diagnosis-anniversary” and it’s really only just hit me how big a year it’s been. Look after yourself xx

Thank you so much. I really haven't got out of fight mode just yet lol. I lost my job due to the surgeries so I'm trying to redirect that energy to finding a job again then I will feel like I'm back to the new normal

Yes I just read that about your job. What a shitter. (Sorry). Well then while you are in fight mode, finding a new job and telling your old boss how you feel is certainly a good place to direct your energy! All the best xx

Good news Jess, hope all continues.

Hugs Ellsey xx

This is wonderful news Jess. So no pleural mets after all? Take this news and go and find that job! One you love, you deserve it after what you've been through. Opportunity for pastures new hopefully xxx

He is not certain about the nodules in my lungs yet. He says at the 3 month check up he will scan chest and ABD to see if they have changed at all if they have them he will biopsy

Excellent news, you are obviously relieved. Happy job hunting and keep well ❤️ Xx Jane

Delighted for you after a long haul Chris xx

Jess I am so happy to hear this wonderful news.. Congrats and I know we are all smiling as we read this great news ~roseamary

Really pleased to read about your good news-hopefully it will continue for a very long time.

Great news. So happy for you. Eat well and live well.

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