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Update re I'm so scared-scan result today (posted 2 days ago)

Hi ladies,

Scan shows I have very small amount of disease progression (less then 1/2cm) so onc advises I don't need 2nd line chemo yet. As I've had recurrence within 6 months 1st line treatment ending they said I'm classed as Carbo resistant. I know this changes things a bit re further treatment, can anyone explain this a bit more for me please?

I have to go back in 3 weeks time and if my cough hadn't cleared by them will have a scan of my chest. Onc says spread of OC to lungs does happen but is unusual.

Came home and cried my eyes out, I think it was just a release after all the pressure. Me and hubby are fine now, the stress of the emotional rollercoaster called ovarian cancer is just so hard to cope with and I guess everyone loses their grip from time to time.

Take care everyone and thanks for your love and support



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Hi, platinum resistance is quite common but there are still plenty of options. My view would be the Rotterdam regimen for 2nd line. Thius gave Sandra her longest spell of remission. Other ootions include Caelyx and single agent Taxol but I would retain these for future treatments. The platinum resistrance tends to be a short term condition of about 12 mths. Love Paul xx


Dear Anne,

I am so sorry about your news, sending you my best wishes love x G x


Hi Anne .. I have spread to my lungs. I know some women have fluid in the plural region .. The outer membrane surrounding the lungs. I have platinum resistance and though I had a partial response to aggressive type cells, I'm likely to have a limited response next time. That's what I was told though my CSN added that with time, resistance is sometimes reversed as Paul has said too. Can I ask what type you have Anne? It's a scary time, isn't it but you have friends here. Love T xx


I have high grade serous tumours, diagnosed as stage 3c. They were unable to remove 2 tumours during debulking op due to their locations. I also now seem to have developed a new tumour which was probably too small to detect earlier. I just feel as if I live from scan to scan, I can't think ahead more than a few months at a time, it's very scary. A xxx


Sandra also has high grade serous disease. I remember back in 2010 during her debulking surgery they removed all visible disease including a bowel resection to remove a tumour approx the size of a walnut. Within 3 months, disease on the spleen prompted 2nd line (Rotterdam) chemo. It was unclear if this was new or missed disease. She has always responded well with chemo until we reached latter stages in 2013. It is a scary situation but you must believe each treatment will push back the disease as i,m sure it will. Love Paul xx


Well, there are a lot of coughs about at the moment . My sister's has lingered. Did anything come up on the scan for the lungs? Or was it an abdominal and he's going on the cough as a symptom. This is a scary disease .. Let's hope for the less likely scenario. Love to you .. X x


It was abdominal and pelvis scan I had, they will scan lungs in 3 weeks time if my cough has not gone to make sure there is no spread of disease to them xx

Reply's hoping things settle down... x x


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