Pathology report help.....nurse?

Pathology report help.....nurse?

Hi, I received my pathology report several weeks after surgery follow up appointment so have not had a chance to ask my oncologist about the report's details.

I have managed to work out several medical terms, but not all. Can anyone help me with the following please...?

'The subepithelial stroma appears oedematous in areas and shows mild neutrophilic infiltrate '

Is this the same as...the stroma is inflamed in places and shows invasion?

I have been diagnosed with a seromucinous low malignant potential tumor.... I am trying to work out if it had invasive implants, as this makes a difference.

There are other things I will need your get clarified...but I won't over complicate my post!

Any help would be appreciated x

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  • I would suggest that one of the ovacome nurses answer this one for you, we could google this for you (you know my thoughts on Dr. Google 😬) and give you a totally wrong diagnosis. Big hugs ❤️Xx Jane Xx Jane

  • Thanks...I did Google but it wasn't clear, I think I do need a nurse response or if someone else had the same and knew what it meant.

  • Hi Jane, do you know how I get one of the nurses to respond? X

  • You can contact them on 0800 008 7054. Hope this helps. Do you have a Macmillan nurse? They could tell you what the pathology report means also. Hope you get some answers soon ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thank you....I do have a macmillan nurse but I will be in work mostly during contactable hours so was just seeing what I can find out myself really.

    I got my reports after my follow up appointment .... I am just trying to figure it out. My appointment is next month which feels ages away! You know what it's like....trying to stay informed x

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