Recurrence of PPC in groin lymph nodes


I saw my Onc yesterday for results of PET scan which is showing activity in the lymph nodes around my groin. My CA125 had risen to 106 2 weeks ago so looks like it's back though there is still no sign of it in the peritoneum. My Onc says this is an unusual pattern for reoccurrence and is discussing next steps with MDT next week. Has anyone experienced this? I'd love to hear from you.

Jane x

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  • Hi Jane. I have PPC. My ca has risen to 42 so I'm not being scanned till June and seen in July Without even seeing a scan she has told me it's back. Not very helpful I felt along with other negative comments. Anyway i cant answer your question but just offering support from a fellow PPC. I hope you get some good advice/plan soon. X

  • Thank you. Even though my CA125 is up to 106 I don't yet have the usual symptoms which of course, is consistent with the scan as it's in my lymph nodes this time rather than the peritoneum. I don't know if that's a better or worse diagnosis. Anyway, I wish you all the very best with your scan.


  • Thank you. X

  • Hi jane, I have ppc stage four, as you see on my post I am on tamoxifen tablets but my ca125 as risen since March. Seeing oncologist again in six weeks, and will find out if it's risen anymore.. Xxx I hope you have a good result, mine is in the peritoneal as far as I know. Xxx

  • Thanks Juliette. Wishing you the very best for your scan. Jx

  • Hi Jane

    I'm a stage 3c PPC lady whose recurrence after 5years last year , was in my peri aortic lymph nodes. It didn't occur to me to wonder why my peritoneum wasn't affected and my doctors didn't remark on that fact. Your post has certainly given me food for thought. I completed chemo just before Christmas and was told after scan it had reduced in my lymph nodes. I will have another scan in Jun followed by a review in July and will post the outcome. Let me know how you get on . I am away in Portugal having a week in the sun before anything kicks off again . Take care.


  • Thanks Molly,

    Having researched it a bit more, I'm now confused as to why my Onc considered it to be unusual as secondary cancer is often found in lymph nodes. Maybe the unusual bit is that it isn't showing in the primary spot. The radiologist report even suggested it could be a different cancer but that seems unlikely as my CA 125 is rising so OC cells must be active.

    Anyway I will report back when I know more.

    Have a wonderful holiday.

    Jane x

  • I am a bit confused as to why your oncologist thought this was unusual so it might be worthwhile asking at your next appointment. I have low grade serous OC stage IV. I have metastasis throughout my lymph nodes including those in the groin infact there was visible swelling in the area of one of them.

    Intially I was diagnosed with PPC in Winchester but asked to be referrred to The Christie so I could come home. They referred me for biopsies and I was eventually diagnosed with low grade ovarian cancer.

  • Hello, I agree, it seems confusing. To date my Onc has been excellent and he's certainly not a spring chicken, yet he said he'd only ever seen the spread pattern on the PET scan once before. Like I say, it may be because nothing was showing up in the primary area. Because it was my first experience of this, I wasn't prepared with the right questions but I will no doubt find out more after his MDT meeting.

    Good luck and best wishes,

    Jane x

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