Uganda calling

Uganda calling

I am almost there, visa through, 1 more vaccination, have reached our fundraising target and now going medical shopping then packing, OMG only 3 weeks till take off!

Blood tests all good, over 4 years since end of first chemo treatment, LUCKY me .I know not everyone will be as lucky, but this whole thing has made me re evaluate how I live my life for the better. I now go get/ do want I want, without hurting people of course, and certainly don't worry so much, get out there girls and enjoy what you have got, not grieve for what you haven't . Xxx

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  • Have a wonderful time good luck and God bless

  • Those three weeks will go so quickly. Hopefully you will have an internet connection and be able to tell us how you're getting on.

  • Will try for sure x

  • How exciting, Kay. I wish you the best of luck. Such a fantastic thing to be doing. I really admire you. Solange 😊 Xx

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