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New here

Hi I’m new here. I’m a 3 times cancer survivor stage 3 breast cancer, stage 2 uterus cancer as well as ovaries. At the moment I am healed from them all but find it hard to be alone and not no others more like my self. I don’t date cause well explaining all the surgery and what’s left is more difficult then I thought it would. But I would love to give this a shot and just meet new people and socialize a little

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Hi Tinkerbell, welcome to this wonderfully supportive and friendly forum. It sounds like you have been through an exceptionally tough time, I can’t even imagine going through this hell three times over... I can’t offer advice on the dating front because I’m well out of that scene lols but I do remember how hard it was to navigate even without all the physical and emotional scars we now carry.

Keep taking time to build up your confidence, be kind to yourself and please know that you are safe here to ask/tell anything at all. I’ve been a bit of a “lurker” on this site but since the craziness of my initial diagnosis and treatment has settled I find myself needing emotional support even more and this is such a positive place to find it. Give yourself a high five for reaching out. That first step is a big one! Hugs, Kirsty.


Welcome. You'll find a number of us on here have had /got more than one cancer. Four in my case. I wonder if you've had genetic testing and whether it told you anything? I did, but it didn't show anything much.

Quite a lot of us would recognise finding it difficult to be alone. I go through phases, but generally the gloomy thoughts are much more likely to crowd in on you then and it's not what any of us need.

It sounds as if you might be letting the cancers stop you doing what you'd like to do: meeting people and dating. That's to give cancer a lot more space than it deserves!

You don't owe anyone explanations about your war wounds. They're just part of you know. The world is full of people who have physical peculiarities, some they're born with, others are like ours and others are self-inflicted.

These things don't change who you are. And that is the most important thing!

I suspect you're quite a lot younger than me. Ovacome has a young women's group and a guide and there are quite of younger ones on here too.

Best of luck with everything xx


Hi Tinkerbelle, sorry you've had cause to join the group but you'll find it very welcoming with a great deal of experience, care, good sense & humour... Is the 1978 is a clue to your age? I ask because there is a group called Shine which organizes all sorts of social events throughout the UK for people in 20s, 30s &40s who have had a cancer diagnosis. They have a couple of FB groups (1 is closed for members only)


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Welcome to the group!


Gosh you have been through a lot!! You are one strong lady!! I kind of feel like it might be hard for me to date after all this too. Missing so many parts now and all the scars is one part but the other is the worry that something else will happen and no one who isn't married to you is going to want to deal with all of it. Shoot I was married at time of diagnosis and my so called husband left me when he found out it was cancer. Wasn't that so nice of him? Lol but hey I have my kids and my mom so I'm good. Trying to stay positive is hard sometimes with set backs and problems that arise but just keep on keeping on. I love having the ladies on this site to talk with because I didn't want to scare my kids with my fear so I needed a place I could ask the questions I needed to ask and have the fear come out without being judged for it or make it harder on my family.


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