Timing another drain!

Yesterday I emailed my CNS to let her know I would be needing to be drained, probably next week! I figured its best to give her the warning, I'm not full enough to need it this week, but it gives her enough time to get thing organised. She's aiming for Wednesday. It's typical, it's the one time my husband has to be in the office, and his car is being serviced too! I've told him I'll get a taxi to he hospital, as he only time he can drop me off is 7am.....like that's going to happen, I'll be lucky to be awake at that time!

The great thing about the timing of the drain is it means I'll be ok for the Goodwood Revival the following Sunday, and should be able to fit into my outfit! It's that silver lining again! I've got a mobility scooter booked for the day....Road Runner eat your heart out-here I come-BEEP BEEP!!!!!

Love Chris

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  • Hi Chris it all sounds like a good plan, don't forget to stick to the speed limit with your scooter they can be lethal LOL and no running over any grannies or childrens toes.

    Best wishes Love x G x

  • I wanted some knives on the wheels and an air horn but they don't do them to that specification.....shame!!! Lol

    Love Chris

  • Teehee you can take your own horn and red nose but not sure about the knives LOL xx

  • All the best with the drain plans, Chris. The Goodwood Revival day sounds exciting, but not as exciting as a turbo-Chris :-O

    Love Wendy xx

  • I hope the timing of the drain goes to plan.

    I have wonderful memories of women's Henley a few years ago. There was a very dapper gent on a scooter with two Pimms in the front basket. He was sipping from alternate straws!

    Enjoy Goodwood.


    Zannah x

  • Now there's an idea.....it won't be me driving home! Probably nor recommended really, but sounds like fun!


  • Hi Chris... I'm glad it's all organised and that you intend to go to the Goodwood Revival. I'm so glad that it's happening and you'll be doing things. I can totally understand how you want to do great things. Love Tina x x

  • Hi Chris hope the drain goes as planned and you feel better having it done and enjoy your day out.


  • Now that is seriously impressive planning, Chris. Can the NHS cope with this???????


    Sue xxx

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