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2nd recurrence of ovarian cancer

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I am 50 years old and found out Friday that my ovarian cancer has returned. My oncologist started me on carboplatin and Gemzar the next day. I’m on my 3rd week and have noticed my nose bleeds every time I blow my nose but it stops easily.. also, fatigue is noticed. Can anyone give me any guidance of what is going to happen next as I continue my treatment until September? Thank you

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Hi Buzz,

I was on carbo/gem for my second line treatment and successfully completed 6 cycles with good results. I never had the day 8 top up of gem because it was more important to me to finish the course in a timely manner than risk delays from depleted bloods.

I didn’t have the nosebleeds, so maybe check with your doctor or nurse. I think fatigue is pretty normal with chemo, but if it feels extreme and overwhelming, check with your medical team.

Good luck with it. I found this regime a piece of cake compared to carbo/taxol. I’d happily have it again (fingers crossed I never need to!!).

Vicki x

Hi Buzz. Sorry to hear about your recurrence.

I don't have any experience to share about that particular chemo drug combination, but I did notice my nose bleeds quite easily nowadays. Since I'm on Carb/Tax plus Avastin at the moment, I had contributed this side effect to Avastin.

I believe you came off Avastin (?)(maintenance drug) a few weeks ago.. could this be a residual after effect? Worth checking with your CNS / oncologist / GP.

Hope the others have some wisdom to share. Best of luck with the chemo. Maus

Hello... I haven’t had that chemo but I am the expert on nosebleeds (!). I would suggest you ask for an ent referral....I turned this down and ended up in hospital with tampons up my nose (yes the inflatable swabs are known as nose tampons!). This was about 4 months after my last Avastin...

My nose leak was cauterised which was a doddle compared to the tampons and not a drip since xx

I had nosebleeds throughout carbo/taxol just when I blew my nose. Luckily mine stopped on their own accord after finishing treatment. Hope yours do too. I just thought it was another side effect to put up with x x

Hi Buzz i’m on Gem with taxol, I’m not getting nosebleeds but finding fatigue and anaemia quite bad - my onc said Gem hits the red cells hard. You may find taking an iron tonic like Floradix helps - my hospital recommended this - though check with your onc first. The nosebleeds I had more with carboplatin - not sure there is much you can do about them but check with your nurse. If bloods get very depleted you may need a transfusion - I haven’t had one yet but come close a few times. Apparently you get a whole new lease of life after one!

Good luck with your treatment

Madeline xx

Yes my bloody nose cleared up very quickly too. I think it goes with chemotherapy once you're past the sole agent carboplatin stage and hopefully yours isn't too difficult to bear. Good luck and stay positive. Gx

Hi Buzz,

I was on carbo caelyx for my second line treatment so don't know about your particular drug combination. I think there were nosebleeds, which eased off. Did have significant fatigue though which built up over course of treatment (6 months). Just really wanted to say so sorry you have recurred - recurrence is such a tough place to be, I was 52 when mine came back and it felt devastating, but now I'm on a treatment that's working well and things are OK - albeit different, but me and my family can see the sunshine! And you will get through this chemo and then hopefully new, less toxic treatments will be available to you too.

Warm wishes,

Elizabethe x

Hi Buzz2016

You and I are pretty close in terms of our treatment. Next week I start my second cycle of carbo/gem. I sure like it better than carbo/taxol.

Yeah, the nose thing. It would help if I didn't blow my nose with such robust abandonment. I'm trying to blow from honk honk to a gentle, ladylike puff of air. Heh. It's actually helped.

Fatigue. Hello my friend. It's telling me to rest. So I do. Chemo fatigue is like no other.

Anyway, good luck. I've heard pretty good things about carbo/gem. Fingers crossed it goes well for you.


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buzz2016 in reply to Nancy222

Nancy, thank you so much for your reply.. yea, I have noticed if I didn’t move mountains with blowing my nose, it is better. I have my 3rd cycle on Friday. My cancer returned to my pelvic wall. I will be sending positive vibes and hugs to you! 💕. Xxoo

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Nancy222 in reply to buzz2016

And I'll be sending you lots of white light.

My cancer came back in my liver. Hopefully this treatment will destroy the cancer cells in your pelvic wall.

And LOL on moving mountains...

Sleep well with pleasant dreams. XXOO

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