Completion of second line chemo - hurrah!

Hello everyone, a little update on my progress ... I've had a very positive outcome from my second line of 8 treatments of carboplatin. My CA125 ha dropped from about 1600 in April prior to chemo to normal range in July and down to 10 now. The tumours have shrunk considerably, by about 60%, and I don't have any cancer symptoms at the present.

Next step is a scan in 6 weeks time and testing of the tumour to identify whether the BRACA gene is present (it's not present in the blood). If so I would be eligible for oliaparib on the public health system here in Australia. Not sure what happens if the test is negative, but trying not to worry about that for now. Meanwhile enjoying an absence of visits to the hospital, my parents visiting from the UK, and some lovely sunshine on the farm.

with best wishes to you all, Dawn

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  • Well done you! You deserve a lovely rest and relax after that lot! Have fun xx

  • Thanks Lindy, it's a nice feeling not having a diary full of treatment days!

  • Great news! Enjoy the visit from yr parents and absence of hospital visits!! xx

  • Thanks - definitely enjoying time with folks - except they keep beating me at cards!

  • Dawn, so glad to hear your positive news. Your tumors can keep shrinking after chemo complete. Hoping the buggers disappear!

  • That's interesting - I hope they've got a terminal dose of those nasty chemicals. My oncologist did say that at the end of chemo the mass on a ct scan can be dead cells - I thought he was just trying to be encouraging, I should know after the next scan.

  • Your oncologist is telling you the truth. My scan came back with 2 node like masses that were actually clumps of dead cells. When I had my colostomy reversed the doc biopsied those two masses plus four more. All six showed no signs of malignancy. So, that second surgery to take down the colostomy allowed him to biopsy many "little clumps" none of which had any living cancer cells. I would not have gotten that "second look" if I hadn't had the colostomy. Silver linings. So, I am in radiological remission (NED on scans), Clinical remission (Blood CA low normal), and pathological remission (biopsy directly from tissue). Anything can happen! Focus on whatever brings you joy and do not let go!

  • Thank you so much for sharing your positive story ... all power to you!

    Cheers, Dawn

  • Hi Dawn . Great news I hope it continues, I'm in Australia also I had the BRACA test and was negative, if you do need further treatment their are options I'm on my 5 line treatment in 3 years.

    I live in the Blue Mountains NSW I read one of your post about your cradle mountain trip in Tasmania do you live there? a lovely part of the world.

    Enjoy your treatment free time and your parents visit .

    Best wishes Lorraine xx

  • What are BRACA test???

  • Hi, the BRCA test is a blood test to check for mutations in genes called BRCA1 and BRCA2 this test can then help you know if it is hereditary and can also help in future treatments. I am negitive so this is good for my two daughters.

    When you see your oncologist ask about the test, I was asked if I would sign up to have it done , you can have it done Privately about $900 here in Australia but if your oncologist can arrange it for you all the better.

    I'm glad you have found this site the ladies on here will always be happy to help with any advice or just encouragement..Take care Lorraine xx

  • thank you for that. My oncologists has given me brochures on genetic testing and I’m going to say yess to it.

  • Hi, Good idea hope all goes well with your treatment..Lorraine xx

  • In addition to Lorraine's reply ... it is possible to be negative for the gene mutation in your blood but to be positive in the tumour cells. The former is important to assess the hereditary risks but the latter can offer additional personal treatment options i.e. the PARP inhibitors.

    Cheers, Dawn

  • Hi Lorraine - thanks for the encouraging words, there does seem to still be a few treatments in the kit bag.

    I live on the north coast of NSW, south of Coffs Harbour - when I lived in Sydney we would go hiking in the Blue Mountains often, so I know it quite well - another very beautiful part of Australia.

    I hope your treatment in going well at present

    Best wishes Dawn

  • Great news! Enjoy your parents' visit.

    Juliet x

  • Thanks Juliet - having a nice relaxing time at present.

  • Congrats! CA124 down that far is fantastic. Enjoy the visit from family. I am also in Australia, Sunshine Coast Hinterland Qld.

  • Beautiful part of Australia - we're just south of Coffs Harbour. Could do with some rain at present!

  • Braca testing is a blood test to look at genetics & whether your relatives are positive or not to a chance of getting this disease.

  • thank you, am going to get it done.

  • Well done and long may it last. Great to get good news. Enjoy the outdoor life and hospital free days.

    Stay well

  • Thank you - as soon as I've got some energy back I've got a few hikes that are on my bucket list!

  • lots of great walks round your way too. I have a few good friends that way that I visit..

    Guess we all live in a beautiful part of the country. Hugs. 🌺

  • Hi Dawn, g'day from the UK.

    Well done on completing your chemo, you must be thrilled with the results.

    Enjoy the freedom from hospital visits and have a fabulous visit with your parents. Keep well and let us know how you get on. Take lots of care ❤️Xx Jane

  • Thank you for the good wishes Jane. I'll post once I get the next scan done.

    I'm waiting for the iron infusion and B12 injection that I had with my final chemo treatment to kick in and increase my energy levels.

    Cheers, Dawn x

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