? Heading for 3rd line chemo

Hi All, I finished 2nd line chemo at end of January for PPC and was ok for a few months but started with a few bowel symptoms and bloating in June. Arranged my own CA125 through GP & it was 155. Saw onc who ordered scan & it came back as hazy ! Seeing her again in a couple of weeks as we decided to wait & see. I am now more distended after food & clothes are tight. I had ascites prior to first diagnosis but no drainage, improved quickly once started on chemo. I am not sure what to do whether I should wait for appointment & see what she says. It will be last appointment with her as she is retiring. Not sure who I will see & have been thinking about getting a private second opinion. I was wondering if anyone been in similar position. I don't post very often but do read everyone's very interesting and helpful posts. I would also like to pass on my sincere condolences to all those who have recently lost loved ones. Sue x

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  • I have not been in your exact position but certainly at the start of this year I was on watch and wait prior to starting third line chemotherapy. There came a point when my symptoms just became impossible for me to manage and I was on slow release morphine and oral morphine for breakthrough pain. My cancer was radiologically visible as well so there were two tumours that they could see on my CT scan. I have high grade serous OC. At that point I went back on Carboplatin within two days and after four months I am due my last treatment in two weeks. My symptoms did rapidly improve mid-way through treatment. I have a team of oncologists looking after me so I never really know who I will get although sometimes it can be the same one for months at a time. The one thing they do say to me, if I need them I can always ring up and get back to see them rather than wait for the next appointment. I have only needed to do this twice but my CNS nurse is also a helpful person to speak to and will always arrange an appointment for me. I am not sure of this helps, but I do know just being able to see a consultant when I need to to, which is not often has helped me work through what I have faced. I am sorry to read that your current consultant is due to retire, that it is not good timing for you.

    Take care, love Wendy x

  • Thankyou Wendy. I know like you I can ring and arrange earlier appointment but I feel hesitant because the recent scan is inconclusive. I will have to make a definite decision in the next few days.I wish you all the best for your last treatment and hope you have been able to make some plans for when you are free again. Love Sue x

  • A holiday in the sun is in the planning stages at the moment and I cannot wait to get away after being so ill. Thinking of you, take care love Wendy x

  • I would look for an appointment to be on the safe side if you feel symptoms are getting worse. Contact the Cns and get some advice on this. I know some oncologists adopt a wait and see attitude but at the same time, it is good to start treatment when you are feeling reasonably okay

  • Thanks, I think you are probably right but I am hesitant as recent scan inconclusive but she did say get in touch if I don't feel right. I hope you are keeping well. Love Sue x

  • Hi Sue

    I too have PPC and start chemo again tomorrow, Caelyx this time. This is second occurrence and I've been drained three times, I came out last week for most recent build up. I think you should consider going back to docs before allotted time, you could blow up a lot more and become very uncomfortable before next appointment. I managed to bring scan etc forward and phoned consultant's secretary to bring that app forward. I didn't hesitate this time and I was right not to do so.

    My very best wishes to you, Sue x

  • Hi Sue, Thanks, I think you are right. I will e- mail oncologist & see what she says. All the best to you for tomorrow. Love Sue x

  • I am currently on watch and wait as last scans did show some early disease but it was not measurable. I have been told to look out for any bowel symptoms but so far I am feeling fine there are even days I forget I have cancer.

    Just to say you don't have to go private for a second opinion you can ask your GP for a referral or your consultant. I had one a couple of years ago it was sorted out through my consultant team.

  • Thanks for your advice, it helps such a lot to know how everyone copes with all this. So glad you are well. Sue x

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