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Trial with Listeria

Tried to post this yesterday but not sure it went through. I've been with my sister this week for the beginning of her trial. She received Keytruda this first day and then CR 207-a Listeria based infusion-the second day. She experienced a dull headache day one. Her reaction after the Listeria infusion was a bit worse. She had pretty significant rigors for almost an hour after infusion and then had a fever for about 12 hours. The next few days she was achey and very tired. She is so incredibly strong and I continue to be in awe of her determination to battle valiantly.

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Sisafighter, she is no doubt grateful to have your support. I hope this combination works for her.

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I hope the treatment helps and your sister finds the next session a bit kinder to her. She must be so happy to have your support.

Love and fingers crossed for you both, Solange x😊X

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Hi There , I have been on a Keytruda trial . After 12 sessions my tumours are in remission but I have quite bad reactions now with stomach problems .

Keep reading the notes your sis has been given .the benefits will be that she gets monitored and scanned frequently.

I do however find that the Doctor s seem more interested in carrying on the trial, than accepting that there are side effects , and we are humans not guinea pigs .

Make sure you ask for help if you need it

Very Best wishes



Our experience with this first trial is that the patients are merely lab rats and money makers for the institution. Where's all the compassionate care???


Hi Sisafighter , initially I felt I was being well looked after , it was only my last appointment when I said "no" to the next infusion that I got that Vibe .

I have spent considerable time on the internet ,and it seems my symptoms are not unusual.

Rather disappointing I would now say


Thanks for your replies. You really have to advocate for yourselves in this whole process or have someone advocate for you.


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