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What to do after the last cycle of chemo

Hi everyone ,,hope all are doing great , my last cycle of chemo was 2 days ago after a recurrence of stage 3c ovarian CA ..the doctor said that I had a full response to the treatment without ordering PET or CT but the cancer is definitely going to come back but they don't know when ,, I was asking if there is any way anyone tried to prevent or delay the recurrence like pills or immunotherapy or even diet ,,sitting and worrying when it's coming back is just devastating.. wish the best and all the good health to all

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Hi Ive had two recurrences since original diagnosis in October 2007. Have you asked your dr about any trials you could try for a maintenance drug, Im currently on Olaparib, and have been for 3 years 9 months. I found the best way is just to get on with life, I work full time. Or maybe counselling could help you find a coping mechanism? because worrying wont change what may or may not happen, what it will do is stop you enjoying life xx sending you a big hug xx Kathy xx


I have asked the dr. And he said we are going to wait until a second recurrence happens then will decide,,,I will try to ask him about Olaparib ,thank you so much, it's great to hear your story you gave me a positive energy and hope all the best for you ..big hugs

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Hi Kathy is right!!!

Can I ask did u have op too ?

I am same stage as u and they are not sure what they are doing yet. Just had my first cycle. X


Hi Zena , when I first diagnosed I had a surgery and 8 cycles of chemotherapy but when the disease came back the operation was useless and the disease was difficult to be resected so I received an 8 cycles of chemo gimzar and taxol .. wish you all the best ,xx


Hi lovely,

Have you had full debulking surgery? If not ask for it. I'd also ask for a scan so they can see what your body is doing rather than just relying on the CA125, my special person's 125 is 10 her doc still gave her a 5th chemo and has ordered a end of treatment scan. Ask about Avastin too.



The Gemzar had a good response for me so have been stable two years now. I suggest you find a Macmillan Centre or do a look good feel good workshop. Do see if you can get counselling of sorts. It does help the mind from racing and you focus on other things besides ooh. Plan a trip somewhere nice, or perhaps a project in your house. Anything to keep us from dwelling too much on this illness. All the best

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It appears I am having an excellent response to re-purposed meds.

U cd google it for yourself as I am sure everyone on here is sick of me banging on about it. Dietary advice is also given at surgery appointment. Doing something for yourself, & researching for me was empowering. Put my mind in a 'plan place' instead of wallowing in morbid fantasies!!

Upon recurrence, I plan to have chemo direct to my abdomen firstly. I understand PARPS are v effective too.

Much much success going forward hon.


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