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I saw my oncologist yesterday and was told that PET scan I had a week ago was clear. and my CA125 was down to 100. so no more chemo required, however I was to have Avastin every 3 weeks as maintenance. When I asked how long I was to be on Avastin, he said until or when the cancer return's. So while its nice not having chemo, I still have to visit hospital every 3 weeks, but hay, I now have 3 weeks I can go away , have holidays, and have a bit of freedom. I am feeling quite possitive and up beat, I know the outcome isn't perfect, but it is the best I can hope for under the curcumstanses. Hope all you other fighting ladies are doing OK. Hugs from Jeanette xxxx

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  • Awww that's great news... Enjoy your freedom 😍

  • Great news Jeanette, pleased for you. Avastin is totally doable and hopefully you will have minimal side effects as I did (continued to work fulltime whilst on the trial for a year). Take care, Kathy xx

  • Thanks Kathy, first Avastin tomorrow, hope as you said, minimal side effects.

    Jeanette xxx

  • Am really pleased for you. Enjoy!!

  • thanks

  • thanks xx

  • great news go and enjoy yourself xxx

  • thanks Alison xx

  • Good news enjoy xx

  • thanks xx

  • Excellent! Enjoy the freedom it permits. I'm now on the same had Avastin with chemo now another 12 cycles and just had 4th. I'm working 5 hrs a day as Avastin does make me really tired and my legs ache also have a runny nose, stomach cramops and a husky voice which is weird! But enjoying the freedom it gives.. just enjoying life! Hope it goes ok Love Michelle xx

  • Hi Jeanette

    Can I ask, where do you live? I am on Avast in but only for 18 sessions. I have been told that due to the expense I will not be offered it again if the cancer reoccurs. I know that it is offered for maintenance in USA and was led to understand that I would need to pay for it myself if I wanted to remain on it.

  • Hi, I live in Spain and there doesn't seem to be a problem in getting Avastin. maybe you should relocate, I'ts lovely out here and the health service really good!!! Jeanette xxx

  • Sounds lovely! The weather here has been good, but we know that winter is just around the corner. Glad to hear that you are getting such good care.


  • That's great Jeanette.

    You are one of the lucky ones offered Avastin and now you can relax knowing you are getting the best. You can look forward to a holiday. Even going to the hospital every 3 weeks won't be so worrying. I wish you all the best.


  • HOORAYYYYY!!! This is fantastic news hun :) i'm so pleased for you! Enjoy the new found freedom from the onslaught of hospital visits and enjoy the 3 weeks in-between! So pleased for you hun :) xx

  • thank you xxx

  • Hey Jeanette!

    Woohoo! Off the chemo train (as molly O calls it). Long may it last! Enjoy!


  • thanks, will still visit site as have found it really helpful xxx

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