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Oh for a good poo

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Hi everyone,

One of my large orange-size ovaries is squashing my bowel and gradually blocking it up. I haven't been able to poo for several days. GP gave me Lactulose yesterday and I took 3 sachets last night before bed. Spent all night pacing up and down as I couldn't lay down because of the bowel pain. Managed a skinny worm and some wind at about 4am. (sorry girls!) Just taken another 3 sachets and am wondering if anyone has some good remedies. I'm not a sugar person and I'm watching my intake of glucose at the moment to starve the cancer cells a bit so don't want to go down the prune route. Unfortunately, Lactulose does have glucose in and it's very sweet. I've ordered some Oxy Powder as when I've had a Candida outbreak that's always cleared me before starting the anti-Candida routine but it's expensive and I can't buy it often. I drink lots of water normally but at the moment I'm in the loo every few minutes having a wee as the other ovary is sitting on my bladder. There's just no room for them in there. Hurry up chemo day........ I wonder how many of you have said that in the past?


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Ah Kryssy...you aren't the only one to feel this way - we have a lot of posts about poo on here 😆💩

I used Movicol to help during chemo, and nowadays take the odd Dulcolax tablet, but they normally give me tummy ache before having the desired effect! I can't stomach lactulose because of the sweetness 😝

I hope you get some relief today.


My oncologist told me to avoid lactulose, he said movicol is the answer, it does work. Fresh coffee and iced water with a slice of lemon worked for me too.

I had similar problems when I recurred in 2015, without any pressure from anywhere, bowels and OC don't mix very well unfortunately

LA xx

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Kryssy in reply to Lily-Anne

Hi LA. Having a senior moment this morning. Head full of crap I think - literally. I did reply but it's gone somewhere else. I looked up Movicol and it's gluten free so I'll get a prescription for that. My teeth are aching from the sugar in Lactulose. I'm not a sugar person so it feels alien. Funny about the coffee though. My friend had reconstructive surgery on her stomach and now gets diarrhea if she drinks coffee. Never did before. I'm prepared to try anything. I suppose I'll have to have the caffeine but I normally have decaff. Having been awake all night I doubt it will affect me though. Isn't there an expression, "Sh*t happens!". Well, not in this house it doesn't.

Have a great day.

Kryssy xx

Glycerin suppositories can help ease the situation too. Used these plus Movicol. Good idea to be well stocked up with supplies as anti sickness drugs post chemo can play havoc with going to the loo. jo

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2 dulcolax before bed, then suppositories after breakfast always work for me and I am a big constipation sufferer 12 days on one occasion, ended up in emergency hospital.

Oh you poor thing! You have my sympathies - I suffer all the time with digestive issues, it's either constipation or I'm on the loo 4 times a day!!

I can't take Movicol as I throw it back up - (can't stand the chalky consistency) I take 3 Dioctly per day, plus a slug of Duphalac now and then and then depending on how bad I am, I take 2 Sennacot a night, or I take a suppositories if all else fails.

Good luck!


I do find lactulose works if I just need a little encouragement but no movicol is the gold standard ( it had a new name when I last got some?).....

I take docusate sodium (I think that's Dioctly) 2 twice a day to get the bowel working and Laxido sachets as a softener (I can take up to 8 sachets but never need that many). The Laxido is not sweet. I agree with others, Lactulose is horribly sweet. I'm learning how to balance it all. Sometimes if I haven't been for a while I pass a HUGE poo and block the loo! What we have to put up with! ❤️️2💩

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Irisisme in reply to Irisisme

Ps straining is very bad for you, I started to bleed, it was only a hemmoroid but it nearly put me in A&E!

Hi Kryssy, I am so sorry that you are suffering in this way, but as others have said constipation in general is a nuisance. I had a hysterectomy November 2015,& have had problems since then. Whilst on chemo I was given a prescription for laxido which I found worked well. I have improved recently by giving up bread & instead I eat ryvita with sesame seeds on apparently rye is good for the gut & helps the bowel. I do hope that you will get seen sooner rather than later. We lived in France for eight years really enjoyed our time over there,but unfortunately had to return due to family problems.

Take care & let us know how things are going. Love Caleda xx

Hope at this stage you have got some relief. I am a prunes in juice person adding hot water. Also add Milk of Magnesia to Movicol using hot water. Try not to worry because what goes in has to come out sometime. Been there its a horrible way to be you have my sympathy

The advice I got if I thought I was heading for another bowel obstruction was stop eating and drink sips of water. Worth a try? Hope you have some success soon..... there's nothing worse. x

Poo is a favourite subject of ours here, movicol is the benchmark + for me, a high fibre diet but that doesn't suit everybody. I was 2 weeks post op without a visit to the throne but the movicol and fibre did it got things moving. We become obsessed with all our bodily functions, this is just another wonderful part of our bloody disease. Hope you get some relief very soon ❤️Xx Jane

I'm in heaven today as the Oxy Powder worked a treat. Hubby a bit nautious now as I tend to describe every movement - especially around mealtimes. :-)

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