Have to wait 8 weeks for scan :(

I went for my appointment with the gyn on the 7th, thinking I would be having the ultrasound at same time, only to be told it was just an initial chat. She did a quick exam and asked a few questions and told me to buy some fybogel mebeverine for IBS and go back in 8 week for scan and to see her again!! Cries all the way home really thought I would get some answers. Anyway I've been taking the sachets twice a day and not had a poo yet! At least before I started with them I was going to the toilet. My stomach is still swollen and I'm still getting pelvic pain and back pain. Not sure if I can wait another 7 weeks.

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  • I was told that you could take up to 8 sachets a day try 3 times a day and see how it goes, its so uncomfortable isn't it. Hope you feel soon and get some clear cut answers. All the best Pam x

  • Just read my post back and its a bit jumbly (chemo brain), I left the comma out what I meant to say was try taking 3 times a day and if that doesn't work up the dose. Love Pam x

  • So sorry I meant Movicol which I believe to be a similar product. Pam x Sorry

  • Thanks Pam. They're disgusting and make me gag but will try 3 times a day. It also says on the pack not to take longer than 2 weeks?? But she told me to take for 8 weeks?? Just seems a long time xx

  • Hope you soon get things sorted!

  • It's Movicol/Laxido that you can take plenty of. Fybogel is just twice a day. If you're not going with Fybogel, than stop taking it as it can cause a blockage. You need to go back to see your GP and get sorted out with a laxative, but you also need to ask for a scan ASAP. A wait of seven weeks is completely unacceptable. Have you had a blood test? Do they suspect ovarian cancer? It's so often confused with IBS, which doesn't just appear out of the blue. The NICE Guidelines say you should be referred on a two week urgent referral for suspected cancer.

    Kat xx

  • The other thing to consider is paying privately for a scan. That's definitely what I would do, if I had to wait that long. It would probably cost in the region of £300, but money well spent if you can't get seen sooner on the NHS.

    Kat xx

  • Thanks katThey don't know what it is been like this since June seen the doctor twice and the GYN for first time on the 7 th. My GP said it might be a cyst or endrometriosis but defo nothing to do with bowels she also said I had a bulky womb. And the GYN didn't mention the bulky womb and told me maybe I wasn't emptying my bowels properly and it might be causing pressure so to me to take the sachets and go back in 8 week to have a scan to check my overies . Just sick of being in pain and uncomfortable x.

  • Buy some Dulcolax tablets. I ended up with a bowel obstruction due to chemo and after that I was prescribed this. I used to take 2 at night ant the next morning I was able to go.

    Perhaps you could talk to your GP and tell her you are not happy with the consultation you had. She might be able to get them to scan you quicker.

    Good luck.

    Ann xo

  • Thanks Ann, I've rang my doctors this morning and just waiting for a phone call from my GP for some advice. I have stopped taking the sachets now xx

  • I agree with everyone, you need answers and soon. Push for CA125 if you haven't had one. Also find movicol good as you can take quite a few until you go then cut right back if you go the other way. Also ultrasound will only show a problem in ovary, you maybe need CT scan. Hope you feel more comfortable soon as I know how you feel. All the best and let us know how you get on. Sue x

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